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Millions of 4G smartphone owners may be due up to £30 payout after claims handset prices were inflated

Around 29 million 4G Apple and Samsung smartphone owners in the UK could be entitled to a payout of up to £30 if a collective action case by Which? is successful - although there are no guarantees. It comes after the consumer group claimed inflated manufacturing costs were passed onto consumers

20 May 2022

Sky to hike broadband, TV and home phone prices by up to £72/yr

Millions of Sky broadband, TV and home phone customers will be hit with price hikes, but some may be able to leave contracts penalty-free

1 April 2021

Plusnet ditches its line rental saver - meaning 10,000s face paying £30/yr more

If you're on the line rental saver currently, you won't pay any more until your minimum contract term expires, but when it does you'll be switched to paying line rental monthly, which costs just over £30/year more.

26 February 2021

Martin Lewis: 'How to get £200's worth of Nectar points for free'

Shoppers can boost their Nectar points to save £100s at Sainsbury's

26 February 2021

NHS prescription costs in England to rise by 20p to £9.35 an item from April

The NHS prescription charge in England will increase by 20p to £9.35 from 1 April, it's been confirmed. The cost of prescription prepayment certificates - essentially season tickets you use to cut costs if you pay for multiple prescriptions over a set period - are also rising

26 February 2021

Martin Lewis reveals the powerful psychology behind one-month free trials – and it's not hoping you'll forget to cancel

MSE founder Martin Lewis explains the powerful psychology at play behind one-month free trials – and what you can do about it

25 February 2021

Npower scraps app after financial details stolen in data hack - what you need to know

Big six energy firm Npower has closed down its app after hackers accessed customers' accounts, including partial bank details, can reveal. If you used the app, you should make sure you're not using the same password on other accounts and be alert for suspicious bank account activity and phishing scams

25 February 2021

Tesco fixes technical error which led to shoppers being double-charged

A "technical error" which led to large numbers of Tesco shoppers being double-charged has now been "resolved", according to the supermarket giant.

23 February 2021

Mastercard £14bn class action case returns to court next month - what it means for you

A £14 billion landmark class action case against Mastercard, which could see consumers receive hundreds each, is set to return to court next month.

22 February 2021

HMRC delays 5% late payment fine for self-assessment taxpayers - and it's waiving £100 late filing fee if you do it by Sunday

Self-assessment taxpayers will not be charged a 5% late payment penalty if they pay their tax or set up a payment plan by 1 April, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has announced. But if you've failed to pay any outstanding tax on time, you will still be charged interest, so settle your account as soon as possible

19 February 2021