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Disney+ to hike prices by up to £36 a year in major shake-up – here's how its new plans work and how they compare

Disney+ subscribers will be moved on to its 'Premium' plan costing up to £36 a year more from 1 November 2023. The subscription service is also launching two cheaper plans from the same date, which you can downgrade to – but they'll have fewer perks and you'll have to watch adverts on one of them. Here's what's changing and how the new plans compare.

The move by Disney+ comes as the cost of streaming your favourite TV, movies and music is going up: Netflix recently axed its cheapest ad-free plan, Spotify has increased subscription costs by £12 a year and Paramount+ recently increased prices in the US. For tips to cut the cost of streaming, see our Watch movies & TV online guide. 

Disney+ is upping the price of its existing plan by up to £36 a year

Disney+ currently only has one plan available directly, which is £7.99 a month or £79.90 if you pay for the year upfront.

From 1 November 2023, that price will automatically increase to £10.99 a month or £109.90 for the year upfront if you pay Disney directly – though you won't pay the new price until your billing date on or after 6 December 2023. 

This will become known as the Disney+ 'Premium' plan and – unless you downgrade your subscription – you'll have to pay the increased price if you want to keep your current service, which allows you to stream and download on up to four devices and watch content in the highest available quality (4K HDR).

Currently it's unclear how those who subscribe to Disney+ through a third party, such as O2, are to be affected. Disney+ said these customers will be told of any changes to their subscription nearer to 1 November. 

Disney+ last increased prices in February 2021.

Two new cheaper plans will also be introduced – but these will have fewer perks

Disney+ will also launch two plans from 1 November 2023: 'Standard with Ads' and 'Standard'. The content will be the same across all three plans but the picture quality and the number of devices you can stream and download on to will differ by plan.

As the name suggests, the 'Standard with Ads' plan will feature adverts. Disney+ wouldn't tell us how often you can expect to see adverts and whether they will be targeted at users; it says this information won't be available until nearer the plan's launch in November. But it said the addition of this plan would provide "greater choice" for subscribers. It follows a similar move by Netflix, which launched a cheaper ad-based plan in 2022.

How Disney+ plans will compare from 1 November

Plan Standard with Ads Standard Premium (1)
Monthly cost £4.99 £7.99 £10.99
Annual cost Not available £79.90 £109.90
Ad-free viewing? No Yes Yes
Devices you can stream on at the same time Two Two Four
Picture quality Full high-definition (1080p) Full high-definition (1080p) Ultra-high definition (4K HDR)
Can you download content to watch offline? No Yes – on two devices Yes – on four devices

(1) This is the plan existing subscribers will be automatically moved to.

Want to stick with Disney? Save £30 to £50 by getting an annual subscription NOW – or downgrade to a cheaper plan from 1 November

Sign up for an annual subscription by 31 October 2023 and you can get Disney+ for the current price of £79.90. This will save you £30 based on the cost of the same annual subscription from 1 November 2023, or £51.98 based on the cost of the equivalent monthly subscription from the same date. 

If you're thinking of signing up, make sure you check for discounts first. Current offers include three months of Disney+ for £12 with Tesco Clubcard vouchers, 12 months free with a Club Lloyds current account, and six months free for newbies on O2, plus £2 a month off afterwards. See our Disney+ deals round-up for more info. 

If you don't want to pay for a year upfront but want to stick with Disney+, you could downgrade to one of its cheaper new plans from 1 November. To do so, just log in to your Disney+ account, go to your profile and under 'Account' select 'Subscriptions' and choose 'Standard' or 'Standard with Ads'. 

Plus, as a rule of thumb, remember not to pay for more than one Disney+ subscription in a household. All Disney+ plans allow you to view on two to four devices, so this may be enough for your household.

Unhappy about the changes? You can cancel penalty-free

If you no longer want a Disney+ account, you can stop your membership by logging in and selecting 'Cancel Subscription' under the 'Subscriptions' section of your account. If you cancel midway through your billing cycle, you'll be able to carry on using your account until the next billing date but you won't get a refund on any portion unused.

How to save on streaming costs

You can read our TV MoneySaving tricks guide and our Netflix hacks for full info on how to stream as cheaply as possible, but below are a few of our top tips.

  • Check for cheaper alternatives. Other big streaming services offer cheaper monthly ad-free subscriptions. For example, an Amazon Prime Video-only subscription is £5.99 a month, while Apple TV+ and Paramount+ are £6.99 a month. See our top streaming services comparison.

  • Streaming newbie? Watch over two months of top shows and movies for free. Some streaming services give free trials, including 30 days of Amazon Prime Video and seven days of Apple TV+ and Paramount+ – but always remember to cancel before you're charged if you don't want to keep it. See free streaming trials.

  • Rotate between streaming services so you're not paying for more than one at a time. If you subscribe to Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and Now Entertainment, it's at least £30 a month. Yet it's easy to pay £5 to £10 a month and still watch the top shows by paying for just one service, then when you've seen what you want, cancel it, move on to the next one, and do the same. We've tips on how best to jump between the streaming services.

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