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Amazon Prime Video to start showing ads unless you pay an extra monthly fee – here's what's happening

You'll have to pay an extra £2.99 a month for ad-free viewing from 5 February 2024, the online giant has announced.

3 January 2024

TV licence fee to rise by £10.50 a year to £169.50 from April 2024

The annual cost of a standard colour TV licence will rise to £169.50 from 1 April 2024 – an increase of £10.50 on the current price of £159 a year – the Department for Culture, Media and Sport has announced.

7 December 2023

One week left: Disney+ prices to rise in major shake-up – but you could save up to £52 a year if you act NOW

Disney+ is hiking the price of its existing subscription by up to £36 a year from 1 November 2023.

24 October 2023

Netflix to hike prices by up to £24 a year for some – here's what's happening

Netflix subscribers on its basic and premium plans will see costs rise by up to £24 a year as the streaming service has announced a new round of price hikes.

19 October 2023

Virgin Media to hike prices by 13.8% for millions of customers – but you can leave penalty-free

Millions of Virgin Media broadband, TV and home phone customers will see their bills increase this spring by an average of 13.8%.

20 September 2023

Netflix axes cheapest ad-free plan for newbies – here's what you need to know

It means new and rejoining Netflix subscribers will now have to pay £4 more a month to watch with no adverts at the lowest price.

20 July 2023

Netflix to charge an extra £60 a year if you share your account with others – here's what you need to know

If you share your Netflix account with friends or family outside of your household, you now need to pay at least an extra £4.99 a month to do so.

24 May 2023

Sky TV customer? Check your bill NOW as millions still aren't being told when their contract ends

Sky TV customers should check their bills NOW as millions are still not being told their contract is coming to an end. The telecoms giant is adamant it doesn't need to send end-of-contract notifications to its TV customers, despite being told to do so.

22 August 2022

Netflix confirms plans to launch cheaper service that plays ads - here's what we know

Netflix has confirmed it will introduce a cheaper subscription plan for its users that includes adverts. We don't have all the details yet but here's what we do know.

28 June 2022

Plusnet customers to lose certain YouView TV channels and services from 1 November - but you can cancel penalty-free now

Thousands of Plusnet customers who have its YouView TV box will lose access to certain channels and features, including BT Sport, from 1 November as the provider is scrapping the service. But those who wish to cancel their TV and broadband contracts now, ahead of the shake-up, can do so penalty-free.

6 September 2021