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More cost of living payments of up to £1,350 to be paid after 5 April - here's what you need to know

Millions of struggling households will receive additional 'cost of living' payments in 2023 and 2024, with the first set of cash to be paid after 6 April, the Government has today confirmed.

3 January 2023

Disability payments delayed ahead of Christmas with many left waiting for their money - here's what we know

Some claiming Personal Independence Payments (PIP) say they have yet to receive their payments for this month, leaving many struggling for cash ahead of Christmas. The disability payments were due to be paid today (5 December).

6 December 2022

Over a million people on tax credits will get their second cost of living payment from TODAY - here's what's happening

Over a million people who claim tax credits will get their second cost of living payment from today (23 November). Below we breakdown who's eligible and how you'll be paid, plus what to do if you don't receive your payment but think you should have.

23 November 2022

Chancellor's Autumn Statement 2022: Martin Lewis's instant reaction to tax changes, state pension rises and further cost of living help

The measures come as part of today's Autumn Statement, which also contains major changes to the Government's energy support package.

17 November 2022

Scottish child payment increased to £25 a week from today and more families can now get it – here’s how to apply

If you live in Scotland and claim certain means-tested benefits, and you have children under 16, you can now claim £25 a week per child in 'Scottish child payment'. The benefit has been extended to reach more families, while the amount you can claim has also been boosted. Over 400,000 children could now be eligible.

14 November 2022

Virgin Media cuts price of broadband for households on benefits – check if you can get it and how it compares

Virgin Media has cut the cost of its 'Essential' broadband tariff for households on universal credit, from £15 a month to £12.50 a month – making it the cheapest social tariff on the market.

10 November 2022

Second cost of living payment to be paid from today – here's who qualifies, how much you'll get and if you need to apply

Millions of the UK's poorest households will start to receive the second half of their £650 cost of living payment from Tuesday 8 November.

8 November 2022

£150 cost of living disability payment STILL delayed for some, Government admits - though most have now been paid

Additional £150 cost-of-living payments for those with disabilities were due to start on 20 September, but over six weeks later some people are still waiting to be paid. The Government insists the vast majority of the six million due the payment have received it and has said that those still waiting should be paid by the end of this week (by 14 November).

7 November 2022

State pensions could rise 10.1% from April as Prime Minister 'committed' to the triple lock - though no certainty over benefits rise

Millions claiming the state pension or benefits could receive a 10.1% increase in payments from April next year. However, the Government has yet to confirm whether this will be the case or whether pension and benefit payments will rise by a different amount.

25 October 2022

More than seven million people now struggling to pay their bills - here's the help you can get if you're facing financial difficulty

Almost eight million people in the UK are currently struggling to pay their bills, according to the financial regulator. If you are facing financial difficulty, we explain how to check if you're eligible for support and how to try and cut costs and save on essential bills.

21 October 2022