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Regulator to ban interest rate-linked car finance commission

The financial regulator has announced it will ban commission models that give car finance dealers an incentive to raise customers’ costs from next year

28 July 2020

Motorists overcharged by £1,000+ for car finance loans

Some car finance customers are paying more than £1,000 extra in interest charges due to certain commission incentives, the Financial Conduct Authority has said

4 March 2019

Learners waste £100,000s a year on driving tests they instantly fail

Learners are failing their driving test for reasons such as forgetting L plates or their not being up to scratch

16 July 2018

Warning: 34,000 fined last year for not taxing vehicles which are FREE to tax

Drivers paid over £500,000 in fines last year for not applying to tax vehicles which cost nothing to tax

26 June 2018

Private parking tickets up 20% in a year

The number of parking tickets issued to motorists by private firms has hit a new record high

27 April 2018

FCA to mystery shop car finance firms

Car finance firms are to be tested on if they give enough information to buyers about risks involved

15 March 2018

New code of practice for parking firms to be introduced - but some will be able to swerve it

Some private parking firms will have to abide by a new code of practice to be able to access car owners' details

29 January 2018

Councils not providing info on appealing car parking fines – know your rights

Local authorities are not doing enough to highlight the appeals process to those slapped with parking fines

7 February 2017

Fuel prices hit 18-month high – but you can drive down the cost

The price of fuel is at an 18-month high, amid predictions the cost of petrol and diesel will rise again this month

5 January 2017

Finance company seeks jail time for customer who defaulted on car loan

A credit finance company launched a legal bid to have a customer imprisoned after he failed to comply with a court order

20 October 2016