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Wales to help 'severely mentally impaired' get council tax discount after MSE campaign

The Welsh government is launching new guidance material to help more severely mentally impaired (SMI) people get access to the council tax discount, following a successful campaign by

25 September 2018

Average council tax bill in England set to rise by 5.1%

The average band D council tax in England will rise by £80 this year, the Government has announced

28 March 2018

Average council tax could rise by up to £95 - check if you can cut your bill

Many bill payers could see their council tax rise, after it was revealed 95% of councils are planning to increase rates

8 February 2018

Credit and debit card charges banned from Saturday - what you need to know

You should no longer be charged a fee for opting to pay by credit or debit card – but admin fees are still allowed

9 January 2018

Council tax bills may rise by almost 6% - here's how to cut your costs

Some local authorities in England will be able to raise council tax by almost 6% next year

20 December 2017

Due a council tax discount for ‘severe mental impairment’? Here's how to claim

Tens of thousands of people who are entitled to a 'severe mental impairment' council tax discount are missing out

29 September 2017

Revealed: Councils overcharging 10,000s who are ‘severely mentally impaired’

A major investigation by reveals 10,000s of the most vulnerable people are being overcharged

29 September 2017

Households facing sharp rise in council tax bills over next two years – do you qualify for a discount?

Local authorities in England will be given the go-ahead to plug the gap in social care funding by raising council tax

15 December 2016

Families of severely mentally impaired people reclaim £1,000s from councils, thanks to MSE

Family members of those with a 'severe mental impairment' have been reclaiming £1,000s in council tax overpayments

5 December 2016

'Mum was living with someone with dementia so she got £3,000 council tax back.' Can you reclaim?

10,000s of people who've lived with someone with a 'severe mental impairment' may be able to reclaim council tax

27 September 2016

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