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'I'm self-employed but confused about whether I can claim the fifth grant' – Unsure? Here's what you need to know

100s of self-employed people are confused about what constitutes being “adversely affected” by coronavirus, we have some helpful scenarios to work out where you stand, as well as HMRC’s guidance.

1 October 2021

Self-employed income support overpaid to thousands

Up to 16,000 self-employed people who received Government grants to support their income during the coronavirus crisis have been paid too much after their payments were miscalculated. If you've been overpaid, the good news is you WON'T have to pay anything back – but you may now receive less than expected if you apply for the second income support grant

12 August 2020

Hundreds left baffled after being rejected by HMRC's self-employed support scheme tool

Hundreds of people have told MSE that they have been rejected by HMRC's eligibility tool for the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme, despite believing they fit the eligibility criteria

6 May 2020

Over a million families could be missing out on Tax-Free Childcare

Over one million families could be missing out on £1,000s per year in Government childcare help, as a new report for HMRC admits that take-up of the Tax-Free Childcare scheme has been lower than anticipated

17 February 2020

Almost a million people missed the self-assessment tax deadline – here's what to do if you haven't filed yet

Just under a million people missed last Friday's self-assessment tax return deadline and will face a fine of at least £100

4 February 2020

National insurance number delays hit 16-year-olds trying to beat Help to Buy ISA deadline

Some 16-year-olds are struggling to open a Help to Buy ISA before the deadline at the end of this month because they haven't yet received their NI numbers

14 November 2019

Child benefit fines wiped for 6,000 parents

HMRC is cancelling penalties for over 6,000 parents and guardians who were fined for not registering for the high income benefit charge

6 June 2019

HMRC stops scammers spoofing its official phone numbers

HMRC says it's developed new technology which stops fraudsters spoofing its most commonly-used numbers to trick taxpayers into handing over money

1 June 2019

'My friends claimed £5,000 after I told them about the marriage tax allowance'

One MoneySaver has made it his mission to spread the word about the marriage tax allowance - and so far his friends have managed to claim almost £5,000 between them

6 March 2019

100,000s risk fines for filing late tax returns – even though they owe no tax

100,000s of late tax returns are filed each year by people who don't owe any tax, data obtained by shows - meaning many risk a fine of at least £100. If you still need to file a return this year, act fast - the deadline for filing your tax return this year is 11.59pm on Thursday 31 January

30 January 2019