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Mastercard £14bn class action case given green light to go ahead

A landmark class action case against Mastercard, which if successful could see millions of UK consumers potentially receive £100s each in damages, has been given the green light to go ahead.

19 August 2021

Mastercard £14bn class action case returns to court next month - what it means for you

A £14 billion landmark class action case against Mastercard, which could see consumers receive hundreds each, is set to return to court next month.

22 February 2021

Order fom Ocado before Christmas? Check your bank statements as customers hit by delayed charges

Some Ocado customers who made orders before Christmas using their Mastercards have only just had their payments taken, leaving them with delayed charges of £100+ in some cases

28 January 2020

Got a prepaid Mastercard? You won't be offered rip-off currency conversions from this week

We've long warned travellers to pay in the local currency rather than pounds to avoid hideous exchange rates - and from Friday, if you've a Mastercard prepaid card you won't be offered transactions in pounds at all

8 April 2019

Visa, Mastercard and American Express act to tackle contactless card security flaw

Card schemes are taking action to deal with a security flaw which means contactless cards can be used AFTER cancellation

23 February 2018

Mastercard to verify payments by selfies or fingerprint scans from next year

All Mastercard users will be able to verify themselves with biometrics such as fingerprint scans or facial recognition

24 January 2018

New 'sustainable' loyalty scheme launched for Mastercard customers

Mastercard customers can collect points when shopping at 'sustainable' retailers as part of a new loyalty scheme

12 December 2017

Avoid holiday rip-offs by ALWAYS keeping hold of the card machine AFTER entering your PIN

Holidaymakers paying by card risk being overcharged by businesses that manipulate payment terminals

17 August 2017

Hopes for Mastercard class action appeal

Former financial services ombudsman has now asked for permission to appeal in Mastercard case

14 August 2017

Mastercard class action legal claim refused by tribunal

An unprecedented legal bid to bring a class action lawsuit against Mastercard has been refused at a tribunal hearing

21 July 2017