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Mental health

Urgent action called for as mental health sufferers consider or attempt suicide after finances hit during the pandemic

People with mental health problems have faced a much bigger hit to their finances during the pandemic than the wider population and are three times more likely to have fallen into serious debt, according to the results of a major national survey published today.

24 November 2021

Urgent support needed as 2.8m people with mental health problems fall into council tax debt, says charity

Action is needed from the Government and local councils to help support millions of people in council tax arrears.

11 November 2021

Halifax and Bank of Scotland awarded 'Mental Health Accessible' accreditation as they improve services for vulnerable customers

The Money and Mental Health Policy Institute has awarded Halifax and Bank of Scotland its 'Mental Health Accessible' accreditation for businesses.

29 September 2021

New help for millions in debt crisis - you can now get two months' 'breathing space' from interest and enforcement action

New rules giving those in England and Wales who are struggling with problem debt a 60-day grace period to get their finances back under control come into force today, in a huge victory for and others who've campaigned hard on the issue.

4 May 2021

Campaigners call for new online harms regulator to cover scams as mental health sufferers 'three times as likely' to fall victim to fraud

Mental health sufferers are three times more likely to fall victim to online scams, while the coronavirus pandemic has made the threat worse - and now campaigners are calling on the Government to act

9 December 2020

Millions in debt crisis to be helped by two-month 'breathing space'

New rules which will give people struggling with problem debt a grace period of 60 days to get their finances back under control are set to help millions, according to new estimates published by the Government

6 February 2020

GPs 'missing critical opportunity' to help people with mental illness avoid financial problems

Healthcare professionals have a "crucial role" in helping people with mental health problems avoid financial difficulties, according to a new report – but many patients aren't being offered this support

3 December 2019

Barclays lets customers block gambling transactions

Barclays has today become the first UK high street bank to allow you to block payments to certain categories of retailer, such as gambling services and premium rate websites and phone lines, in a bid to help vulnerable customers

11 December 2018

Thousands struggling with debt while in hospital for their mental health

An estimated 23,000 people experience problem debt while in hospital for a mental health crisis each year

20 February 2018

One in seven worry about money 'every day' during the run-up to Christmas

Nearly one in seven Brits worry about money every day in the lead-up to Christmas, according to National Debtline

6 December 2017