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Mortgage rates are falling – five-year fixes to drop under 4%. But will they get cheaper?

Mortgage rates are falling – 5-year fixes to drop under 4%. But will they get cheaper?

16 January 2024

Two-year fixed mortgages drop below 5% for the first time in months – but should you fix now?

Rates on two-year fixed mortgage deals have dipped below 5% for the first time in five months. But brokers believe fixed deals could get even cheaper – so should you fix now or hold out?

14 November 2023

Mortgage rates fall as Bank of England unexpectedly holds UK rates – so should you fix?

Interest rates on fixed mortgage deals have been edging down over the past few weeks with some five and 10-year fixes now at below 5%.

26 September 2023

Fixing your mortgage for 10 years or more is now CHEAPER than a two-year fix – but should you lock in your mortgage rate for the long term?

Fixing your mortgage rate for 10 years is now significantly cheaper than two and five-year deals – even the UK's only 25-year fix has a lower rate than the top two-year fix.

11 July 2023

Fixed mortgage rates rising as inflation higher than expected – here's what's happening and why you might want to consider fixing now

While no-one has a crystal ball, experts believe fixed mortgage rates are likely to continue increasing while inflation remains high.

31 May 2023

Skipton launches UK's first 100% no-deposit mortgage since 2008 – which Martin Lewis says could be a 'sensible' option for some renters

Renters struggling to save for a deposit can now get a 100% mortgage from Skipton Building Society. It's the first no-deposit deal – that doesn't require a guarantor's backing – to launch in the UK since 2008.

9 May 2023

Fixed mortgage deals get cheaper – now from 3.8% despite base rate rise – so should you fix?

Lenders are still cutting interest rates on fixed mortgages despite the base rate continuing to rise. It means a significant gap has opened between the best fixes and variable deals.

6 April 2023

Martin Lewis: Warning - fix your mortgage if you want certainty but you could end up paying more than you need to

Planning to fix your mortgage? You might want to wait a little while longer before doing so as you could end up paying more than you need to. That's the warning founder Martin Lewis gave in the opening episode of the new series of ITV's The Martin Lewis Money Show Live.

20 October 2022

Thinking about fixing your mortgage for 10 years or longer? Here are the pros and cons

Fixing for a decade can be done for as little as 3.33% right now and is becoming more appealing as the Bank of England base rate continues to rise. But there are pros and cons to doing so - here's what to watch out for.

8 July 2022

First ever sub-1% five-year mortgage fix launched by Nationwide – check if you can take advantage of record low rates

Nationwide's deal is another reminder of the fierce competition between lenders – there's no better time to check if you could save £1,000s on your mortgage

21 July 2021