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Revealed: £80 million of Premium Bond prizes remain unclaimed – here's how to check if you've won

More than two million Premium Bond prizes are sitting unclaimed, according to the latest figures from National Savings and Investments.

29 November 2022

Saving in NS&I 'Growth Bonds'? Check NOW you haven't been rolled onto a rubbish rate

If you're one of over 300,000 savers holding NS&I's 'Guaranteed Growth Bonds', you could be missing out on £100s in interest if your bonds have auto-renewed. So check your rate now, as you only have 30 days from renewal to cancel and switch.

1 August 2022

More than £74 million in Premium Bond prizes sitting unclaimed – how to check if you've won

More than 2 million Premium Bond prizes worth a combined £74 million remain unclaimed, according to the latest figures from NS&I. If you have or have ever had Premium Bonds, here's how to check if you've won.

18 November 2021

NS&I customers struggle to withdraw savings due to 'technical issue'

Savers trying to make withdrawals from National Savings and Investments (NS&I) accounts ahead of next month's massive rate cuts have found they are unable to access their money due to an ongoing "technical issue"

2 October 2020

NS&I to slash savings rates and Premium Bond prizes

National Savings & Investments (NS&I) will dramatically cut the interest it pays on many of its savings accounts, slashing its top easy-access rate to just 0.01% in November. And Premium Bond holders will also have a significantly lower chance of winning a prize from December, with the prize rate to be cut to 1%

21 September 2020

Premium Bond paper prize cheques to be scrapped

More Premium Bond prizes will be paid directly to holders' accounts as NS&I is set to phase out its paper prize cheques by March next year – so make sure it has your details

17 September 2020

Premium Bond customers can now get texts to let them know they've won

Premium Bond holders will now be able to sign up to text notifications letting them know when they've won a prize

25 February 2020

Premium Bond prize rate to be cut to 1.3%

Premium Bond holders will have a lower chance of winning a prize from May, while those with NS&I savings products will see their interest rates cut

18 February 2020

More than 2.1 million Premium Bond prizes unclaimed – check if you've won

A further 500,000 Premium Bond prizes are yet to be claimed, bringing the total unclaimed prize pot to almost £77 million – check now to see if you've won.

15 October 2019

25,000 duplicate Premium Bond prizes sent to winners

Tens of thousands of Premium Bond winners were accidentally sent duplicate prizes this month - check if you got an extra one

14 October 2019