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Over £8 million Premium Bond prizes lost in the post – check if you're owed

Over 180,000 premium bond prizes which were sent as cheques but never arrived in the post are waiting to be reclaimed, MoneySavingExpert can reveal

23 April 2019

1.5 million Premium Bond prizes unclaimed – check if you've won

More than 1.5 million Premium Bond prizes including five worth £100,000 remain unclaimed

1 March 2019

Premium Bond minimum lowered to £25

The minimum amount you can save in Premium Bonds has been cut to £25 from today

1 February 2019

Trial to help workers build £1,000 emergency savings pots

A new initiative is being trialled to help workers build emergency savings for unexpected bills and events, in the same way they add to their pension pots

13 November 2018

Unity Mutual launches new type of Lifetime ISA

Unity Mutual has launched a new type of stocks and shares Lifetime ISA, offering a guaranteed 1.25% interest rate until April, as well as a 25% Government bonus towards your first home or retirement - here's what to watch out for

7 November 2018

Budget 2018: Premium Bond minimum to be lowered to £25

The minimum amount you can save in Premium Bonds will be cut to £25, and people other than parents and grandparents will be able to gift bonds to children, the Chancellor has announced

29 October 2018

Newcastle Building Society launches top cash Lifetime ISA

Newcastle Building Society has launched a market-leading cash Lifetime ISA

25 October 2018

Savers pay £2m into new Help to Save scheme in one month

The new savings scheme gives up to a £1,200 bonus to people on low incomes

9 October 2018

Help to Save for those on low incomes gives up to £1,200 bonus

The new Government-backed scheme has launched today

17 September 2018

Top savings rates have barely moved in the two weeks since base rate rise, MSE data reveals

Savers have barely seen any benefit since the Bank of England increased the base rate by 0.25 percentage points two week

16 August 2018