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Marcus easy-access savings customer getting less than 1.3%? Boost your rate with a few clicks

Marcus customers who have a savings account or cash ISA can get a bonus rate of 0.25% added to their accounts for 12 months BUT only if they activate it - below we explain how to do so.

14 June 2022

People cut back on adding money to their pensions and investment ISAs as the cost of living crisis takes its toll – finds poll

A quarter (24%) of people have stopped paying into long-term investments, such as ISAs or pensions, as the cost-of-living crisis takes its toll, research by Interactive Investor has found.

8 April 2022

Chase launches market-leading savings account that pays 1.5% and allows you to put away up to £250,000 – here’s all you need to know

JP Morgan’s digital bank Chase has today (28 March) launched the Chase Saver account, a new option for customers to increase their savings, offering a 1.5% AER variable rate. Savers will be able to deposit up to £250,000 across all accounts from any other bank account they have.

28 March 2022

Post Office savings accounts to no longer accept payments from non-linked accounts

Certain Post Office savings accounts will no longer accept payments into them from 1 March 2022 unless they're from a linked current account (or if they're via cheque or cash).

9 March 2022

Masthaven Bank to stop offering savings accounts and mortgage loans over the next two years - what it means for you

The provider plans to completely exit these UK markets by the end of 2023 - though there's no immediate change for savers or borrowers.

1 February 2022

Savings app Chip shakes up its membership plans – what this means for you

Savings app Chip has simplified its membership plan structure, reducing it from three plans to two, and has also added its autosaving feature to its free 'Chip' plan. These changes – which came into effect on 14 January – apply to both new and existing customers.

14 January 2022

Martin Lewis: Premium Bonds – are they worth it? New analysis

Premium Bonds can beat easy-access accounts if you're saving over £4,000, founder Martin Lewis has revealed.

12 November 2021

NS&I Green Savings Bond goes on sale but it only pays 0.65% AER fixed over three years

The Treasury has launched a new Green Savings Bond that will be welcome news for those wanting to support green projects but the bond only pays interest of 0.65% a year, which is far below the top-paying three-year fixed savings deals. founder Martin Lewis has branded the rate "pants".

26 October 2021

Got a Marcus or Saga easy-access account? 100,000s can boost their savings by 0.1 percentage points, but you'll need to act

Savers with a best-buy Marcus easy-access savings account and/or cash ISA can boost their interest rate by 0.1 percentage points on each account so long as they don't already have a bonus rate attached to it

5 October 2021

The vast majority of MoneySavers have more in savings than they owe in debts, finds new MSE poll

The vast majority of MoneySavers are worth more than they owe, a new poll has found. But this varies by age.

8 September 2021