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Council tax in most of Scotland to be frozen until April 2025 – here's what you need to know

Council tax for most of Scotland's 2.5 million households will be frozen at current levels until April 2025, the Scottish Government has confirmed.

12 March 2024

Boost for Scottish students as they're to get extra living costs support

Scottish students are to receive a £2,400 boost to help with their living costs from this September in the form of a new "special support" loan.

7 February 2024

Scottish Budget 2023: Income tax shake-up confirmed from April 2024 – here's what's changing

From 6 April 2024, the threshold at which earners in Scotland start paying certain rates will rise for some tax bands, while a new "advanced" rate tax band will be introduced. The "top" tax rate will also increase.

19 December 2023

Scottish child payment increased to £25 a week from today and more families can now get it – here’s how to apply

If you live in Scotland and claim certain means-tested benefits, and you have children under 16, you can now claim £25 a week per child in 'Scottish child payment'. The benefit has been extended to reach more families, while the amount you can claim has also been boosted. Over 400,000 children could now be eligible.

14 November 2022

Low income families in Scotland to receive extra cash this winter - check if you're eligible and how to get it

Around 145,000 low income families in Scotland will automatically receive an extra £130 to help with the cost of living this winter. We explain how to check if you're eligible and how you'll get the payment.

11 October 2022

Rent and rail fares frozen under cost of living support package announced by the Scottish Government - here's what's happening

The Scottish government has frozen rent and rail fares from today to help support people with the cost of living crisis. Here's what's happening.

20 September 2022

Low income households in Scotland to get £50 annual payment towards winter energy bills - here's all you need to know

Some 400,000 households in Scotland will receive an annual payment of £50 to help them towards winter heating costs. The Low-Income Winter Heating Assistance will replace the Cold Weather Payment of £25.

8 June 2022

Warm home discount shake-up in Scotland could see an extra 50,000 homes benefit - here are the details

The Government has proposed a shake-up to the Warm Home Discount scheme in Scotland that could see an additional 50,000 households receive the rebate - and the amount people get is set to increase too.

9 May 2022

Under 26s can now get free NHS dental treatment in Scotland

Anyone aged 25 and under who is registered with a Scottish dental practice can now get free NHS treatment. The change takes force immediately and patients aren’t required to opt-in. Those who started a course of NHS treatment before their 26th birthday can also now get this for free.

25 August 2021

Period products to be handed out for free to everyone in Scotland in 'world first'

People in Scotland will soon be able to get free period products under law in a move it claims is a world first

25 November 2020