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HMRC 'technical issue' leaves taxpayers unable to claim refunds online

People who've overpaid tax and been told they're due refunds have been unable to claim them online due to ongoing technical problems with HM Revenue & Customs' repayment system, can reveal

26 June 2020

Self-employed with cash saved to pay tax? It WON'T reduce your universal credit entitlement

If you're self-employed and have been putting money aside to pay your self-assessment tax bill, this WON'T reduce the amount of universal credit you're entitled to claim, the Government has confirmed

15 April 2020

Car tax is going up for most – what will you pay?

Owners of all but the most carbon-efficient cars will pay more road tax this year, with inflation-linked rises kicking in from Mon 1 Apr

2 April 2019

100,000s risk fines for filing late tax returns – even though they owe no tax

100,000s of late tax returns are filed each year by people who don't owe any tax, data obtained by shows - meaning many risk a fine of at least £100. If you still need to file a return this year, act fast - the deadline for filing your tax return this year is 11.59pm on Thursday 31 January

30 January 2019