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Contactless card fraud warning: Crooks can use them MONTHS after cancellation

A theft victim discovered crooks using his contactless card EIGHT months later, even though it was cancelled

8 September 2016

Contactless cards payment limit rises to £30

Shoppers can buy goods costing up to £30 using contactless credit and debit cards from today

1 September 2015

RBS axes its YourPoints credit card reward scheme: Are you hit?

RBS has revealed it's scrapping its YourPoints credit card reward scheme as a result of a cap on interchange fees

16 April 2015

Card fraud up as criminals try simple scams

Debit and credit card fraud is up as criminals return to old-fashioned ways to swipe people's plastic

28 September 2012

Credit card annual statements to show true cost of plastic

Every credit card holder will receive an annual statement over the next year, showing full fees

29 March 2012