Would you avoid tax if you could?

Would you avoid tax if you could?

Comedian Jimmy Carr has been lambasted by the Prime Minister for avoiding tax. Where do you draw the line?

If the opportunity arose for you, how far would you go?

Answer the FIRST in the list you’d do.


Tax avoidance: I'd do what I could to reduce tax, without taking the mickey too much. 6,727 votes (31 %)
Tax evasion: I'd break the law (eg, cash-in-hand) as long as I'm not caught. 2,183 votes (10 %)
Tax loopholes: I'd push as far as possible, Jimmy Carr-style, as long as it's legal. 9,828 votes (45 %)
Tax planning only: I'd only use things like ISAs & pensions, which the Govt encourages. 3,094 votes (14 %)

                   21,832 votes received.

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