Did you spend less and enjoy more this Christmas?

Did you cut back or boost your Christmas spending – and if you did either, how did it affect your overall enjoyment of the festive period? Which of the following is closest to your situation?

The best EVER children's cartoon/animation nostalgia poll

It's Christmas, so for this week's poll, we're forgetting money and going for nostalgia. We've selected some iconic kids' cartoons/animations, and we want you to pick your favourites. If yours is missing, sorry – we shortlisted from many more, feel free to cartoon vent here. You can vote for up to three.

How much will this year's Christmas cost you?

Christmas and the holiday season is an expensive time of year. So how much do you plan to spend on presents, food, and transport to see friends and family?

Should the UK be a part of the European Union?

Prime Minister David Cameron has hinted there may be a referendum on this hot topic, though he hasn't said when. However, it wouldn't be an in/out vote. Instead, it'd seek support to renegotiate our EU position. So we wanted to see the impact of the different questions.

Would you ask for a doggy bag?

You're stuffed at a restaurant but there are still loads of juicy noodles/meat/whatever left over that would make a perfect lunch tomorrow… Which is closest to what you'd usually do if you've leftover food (in the UK)?

The "Oi, Cameron, time to sort out..." poll

If you could grab the Prime Minister and ask him to focus on sorting out a money/financial issue, which of the following would you choose? Pick up to three from this top 10:

Is your home phone and broadband provider any good?

We can tell you who the cheapest providers are, but to find out if their service is any good, we need your help, so twice a year we ask you to tell us about your customer service experiences. Please rate your provider(s) on customer service (not price) over the past 6 MONTHS. Phone & broadband from same provider? Rate each service separately. Is your provider missing? Suggest it in the forum discussion.

Have you tried to reclaim PPI?

Banks have set aside about £13 billion to pay victims of PPI mis-selling, with over £6 billion already reclaimed. It's free to do yourself (so don't pay a claims company), while banks are supposed to write to victims to offer money back. Have you tried to reclaim PPI?

Is it time to renationalise energy firms?

Five of the big six have now announced price hikes. The average bill will hit £1,390/year, but if you switch provider the cheapest’s just £1,054. Until 1986, all energy firms were Govt-owned, then privatised into companies with shareholders to try to boost competition and bring efficiencies. World energy prices have gone up enormously and demands for green investment add to costs, though many are angry at rising household bills. Which of the following is nearest to your view?

Are you richer than your parents were?

Over the last century, each generation has got progressively richer. Yet in these difficult economic times, is it still true? We're talking wealth and income here (factoring in inflation). Of course, you can’t be totally accurate but take your best guess. Are you richer than your parents were AT THE SAME AGE?