Martin Lewis says energy prepayment cap is a "welcome sticking plaster"


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Forimmediaterelease Tuesday 7 February 2017

Martin Lewis, founder, says: “For years energy firms have used spiel, spin and misdirection to try to pretend that those on prepayment tariffs are getting the same rates as those on a normal billed meter. They get away with this by comparing prepayment costs to the cost of their expensive standard tariffs using the most expensive payment method.

“Yet the real problem with prepay is that there’s no real competition.All the cheap deals offered are for direct debit, and they can be £300-£400 a year cheaper than prepay prices for someone on typical use. That is a national disgrace, because most of the poorest people in our society have prepayment meters – the most potent poverty premium possible.Simply regulating that all tariffs should be available to all customers (with a small surcharge allowed for prepayment) would fix this. In the meantime the Government’s cap does put a welcome sticking plaster over the problem and will bring bills down.

“More subtly though it is also an admittance that competition isn’t working. Politicians have to make a decision. If you want a competitive switching market, you must accept big price differentials – with some paying a lot more than others; if not there’s no incentive to switch. Alternatively, accept competition isn’t the solution and regulate prices – which would mean those who don’t switch would see prices drop, and those who do would see them rise. These two stark solutions have benefits. The problem is politicians of all parties have tried to do something in the middle and that’s what fails.”


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