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Fitness tracker

Fitness tracker deals

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Fitness tracker logoFitness tracker deals, eg, 98 Fitbit Charge 2*Also 25 Misfit Flash, 40 Fitbit Flex, 80 Fitbit Alta


Fitness trackers are essentially high-tech pedometers that measure the steps you make in a day. Mid-range ones also monitor your sleep and heart rate too (which means you can get a decent calorie count) and premium ones even have GPS. Prices have dropped substantially in the last few months, so if you're thinking of getting one to help with your New Year's resolutions, here’s a rundown of the cheapest of the big brands.

All the fitness trackers sync with Apple and Android phone apps to give you more data and information. Some can be used while cycling or swimming and they can have other functions such as a vibrating silent alarm clock and full screen display depending on the brand and price.

MSE founder Martin Lewis is a fitness tracker addict. Here’s his take:

Sadly in October I missed my 10,000 steps a day target for three days in a row, due to a type 2 hamstring tear. Without that I’d be 15 months to now (Jan 2017) without a missed day. During those three days I was almost as distressed about not hitting target as the actual pain. So yes, my tracker has changed my life pattern in that I'm addicted to hitting targets and walk almost everywhere – I hardly get in a car anymore.”

"While it's called a fitness tracker, actually if you’re a runner or cyclist, the distance travelled isn’t that accurate with most of them – for that you need GPS which only the premium ones have. These are far better for encouraging everyday activity and looking at steps. See my wife, Mrs MSE's BBC report when she wore six trackers in a week to compare them."

"If you’re going to get one, accept the inaccuracy and focus on competing with yourself each day. If you get into it, it can make a real difference – and as I have, you may find yourself walking round the house at 11pm just to hit target. My personal best is 48,000 steps in a day, 200,000 in a week, 790,000 in a month.”

Here are the cheapest of the most popular fitness trackers (last updated Wed 19 Apr):

Misfit Flash – £25 – budget tracker, no screen, can be worn in a variety of ways

This is a no-frills plastic tracker (most others are rubber). It doesn't have a heart monitor, but will track calories burned, steps taken and distance travelled. There's no display which means battery life is quite long (six months with average usage). It syncs with an app so you can keep track of your fitness without needing your smartphone. This tracker is more versatile than others in how you can wear it - as a wristband, clip it to clothing, or have it on your keychain. Launched Oct 2014.

Amazon* has the Misfit Flash in black, blue or white for £24.95 (other colours cost more). The next cheapest we found was £24.99 in Currys. RRP is £50. 

Fitbit Flex – £40 – LED display, see activity stats in app, rain-proof

The Flex is a basic tracker - one for the fashion-conscious - and is worn as a wristband. It has lights to indicate progress towards your goal. You can buy additional colourful bands in packs of three for about £17 online, but we've heard the fastener can come undone easily. The Flex is splash and rain-proof but you shouldn't swim or shower wearing it. Launched Oct 2013.

Argos* has the Fitbit Flex for £39.99 in pink or orange. The next cheapest we found is £59.99 at Amazon depending on the colour. RRP is £80. 

Fitbit Flex 2 – £62 – LED display, tracks swimming, auto sleep tracking

The 2016 update to the Fitbit Flex. The tracker is removable and can fit in bands, bangles or pendants. It'll remind you to move and alert you when you recieve a call or text. The big improvement over the first Flex is that the Flex 2 can track swimming. Advertised battery life is up to five days. Launched Sep 2016.

Amazon* has the Fitbit Flex 2 for £62.05-£69.99 (depending on the colour). The next cheapest we found is £69.99 at Currys. RRP is £80. 

Fitbit Alta – £80 – customisable bands, move reminders, call & text notifications

This Fitbit is currently a similar price to the brand's Charge HR but actually has less tracking functions – you're paying more for the Alta's fashionable style. Unlike the Charge HR's traditional watchstrap, the Alta has a popper band. It's slimmer, looks more like a bracelet and has a larger screen which can be detached so that you can change the band if you get bored of the one you've got. Call, text and calendar alerts will appear on screen when your phone is connected to Bluetooth. It doesn't have GPS, heart rate monitoring or stair climb tracking. Launched Mar 2016.

Amazon* has the Fitbit Alta for £79.95. The next cheapest we found was £79.99 online at Boots. RRP is £100.

Fitbit Charge 2 – £98 – large digital display, monitors heart rate, connects to phone's GPS

This is the 2016 update to the Fitbit Charge HR. It has a larger OLED display and you can change the info on the display by tapping the screen. It tracks sleep, reminds you to move when you've been idle too long and you can connect this tracker to your phone's GPS to see running stats like pace and distance, as well as a map of your route. It'll give you call, text and calendar notifications and the wristbands are interchangable. Launched Sep 2016.

Amazon* has the Fitbit Charge 2 in black for £97.99 (other colours are £99.95). The next cheapest we found was £99.99 at Currys. RRP is £130.

Fitbit Blaze – £136 – smart watch touchscreen display, GPS, heart rate monitoring

The Blaze is at the premium end of fitness trackers and is in the style of a smart watch. You'll get continuous heart rate monitoring and it can connect to your phone's GPS to map your running routes and show stats like pace and duration. Like some other trackers, it will monitor your sleep, automatically record exercises and remind you to move. It can receive call, text and calendar notifications and you can use it to control music playback on your smartphone. Launched Mar 2016.

Amazon* has the Fitbit Blaze in blue for £135.99 (other colours cost more). The next cheapest we found was £139.99 at Currys. RRP is £160.

Looking for cheap ways to get fit?

Check out our Cheap Gym Membership guide and Top 10 free fitness apps blog.

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Fitness tracker logoFitness trackers, eg, 38 Fitbit Flex*Black Friday Fitbit price round-up


Fitness trackers are among the popular items people search for around Black Friday, so we’ve rounded up the best prices for several Fitbit models, including the latest trackers released this year – the Fitbit Flex 2 and the Fitbit Charge 2.

Fitbit prices have dropped for Black Friday and these are the cheapest prices we’ve seen all year. But so far the discounts aren't massive – around £5-£15 on the pre-Black Friday price for most, and we’re seeing a lot of price-matching between the big retailers.

Cheapest Fitbit trackers (last checked 4.22pm Sat 26 Nov)

Fitbit Flex

  • £37.99 at Currys* with free delivery (the in store price is £39.99). The next cheapest we found was £43.49 including delivery at Boots.

Fitbit Flex 2

  • £69.99 in black or ‘lavender’ at Amazon* or Currys* with free delivery (the in store price at Currys is £74.99). The next cheapest we found was £71.99 at Boots.

Fitbit Charge HR

  • £74.99 at Boots* with free delivery. The next cheapest we found was £78.99 including delivery at Tesco Direct.

Fitbit Alta

  • £84.49 at Currys* with free delivery (the in store price is £89.99). The next cheapest we found was £85.49 at Amazon.

Fitbit Charge 2

  • £109.99 at Currys* with free delivery (the in store price is £113.98). The next cheapest we found was £113.98 at Amazon.

Fitbit Blaze (Gunmetal)

  • £129.99 for the small size at Amazon* or Currys* with free delivery (the in store price at Currys is £159.99). The next cheapest we found was £139.99 at Argos.

Fitbit Blaze

  • £133 at John Lewis* with a two-year guarantee and free delivery. You can get it for the same price at Amazon* or Currys*, but only with the standard one-year guarantee. The next cheapest we found was £136 including delivery at Tesco Direct.

Important: Don’t allow yourself to be taken in by the hype around Black Friday and sucked into buying something you don’t need or can’t afford. And always do your own price comparisons to ensure you are getting the best deal possible – don’t just take a retailer’s word for it.

For the rest of our Black Friday deals and analysis, see our Black Friday 2016 Deals page.

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