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Mobile Roaming How to use your phone abroad for less

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Taking your mobile abroad can turn it into a cash assassin in some places, costing as much as £2.50/min to receive a call. The easiest solution is not to take your phone with you, but sometimes this just isn't possible, so be prepared to pay.

This is a full guide to getting the cheapest mobile roaming (the term for overseas use), either by accessing your network's hidden deals or using specialist international Sim cards.

Basic tips for using your mobile abroad

Use your mobile abroad and you'll be "roaming". This is when you connect to an overseas network and calls are routed via that network provider instead of your home network, at a vastly increased cost.

It doesn't just happen abroad though - you could be on the White Cliffs of Dover and connect to an overseas network without realising. Calling from your mobile while in the Europe can cost up to around £1.90 for a 10-minute call, or £30 for a 10-minute call outside Europe. So it's imperative you use a cheaper way to call when possible.

Consider some of the tips below to avoid these hefty charges. And be very careful to avoid making calls from a hotel phone - these usually cost a fortune.

The cost of using your mobile abroad

If you're only likely to make a few calls, or are sticking within the Europe, the easiest way is to sign up for a "don't ask, don't get" discounted roaming add-on from your network. Many of the network providers offer add-ons which reduce the cost of roaming abroad.

Some of these are free, others require a monthly fee. This isn't necessarily the cheapest way to save when abroad (see switch Sim for the biggest savings), but can help costs considerably.

Three mobile

Free roaming with Three Mobile in 16 countries. Three's Feel At Home* feature allows those on contract (plus pay-as-you-go users who've bought an add-on package) to use their UK allowances in 16 countries at no extra charge.

Destinations include the US, Australia, Hong Kong and a whole host of European countries, plus others (see the full list here). Any calls, texts and data used will come from your UK allowance, although you'll be charged international rates for contacting foreign numbers.


Sim-only customers must be with Three for 30 days before they can use Feel at Home. However if you're not already a customer and are planning on travelling soon, there's a neat trick: you can pick up a pay-as-you-go Sim, buy an add-on with an allowance and then access free roaming abroad immediately.

How much will it cost to use my phone in the EU?

Every year since 2007 the EU has lowered the maximum rate for using a mobile to call and text any European Economic Area (EEA) number while roaming within the borders of the zone, which covers all 28 EU member states plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. (The cap also applies to data). On 1 July this year a new cap again came into force, further reducing the cost of roaming in Europe.

Over the same period, the cost of calling and texting within the UK has risen. This means that bizarrely, for someone with a pay-as-you-go contract or out of their monthly contract allowance, it now often costs more to call or text when you're in the UK than when you're roaming in Europe. See our Mobile Roaming Report for full details.

The table below shows how much providers currently charge contract customers as standard. Use this as a benchmark to see how much you could save with a roaming add-on:

Overall roaming costs in Europe compared (incl VAT)
Making calls
Receiving calls
Sending a text
EU max charge1
0044 (prepaid Spanish Sim card)
from 3p/min
1Incl VAT, rounded to the nearest pence; based on exchange rates published by the European Central Bank. Table correct as of 29 September 2014.

How much will it cost to use my phone outside the EU?

Outside the EEA it's a different story all together. Providers can charge what they like for calls, texts and data, and other than the monthly limit on data charges (£49 incl VAT), costs aren't capped.

Some providers charge as much as £3/min to make a call and £2.50/min to receive a call.

The table below shows the difference in charges when outside the EEA with the EE network. Costs vary between providers, but we've used EE as an example because it tends to be more expensive than other networks.

Roaming costs with EE when outside the EU (incl VAT)
Making calls
Receiving calls
Sending a text
Table correct as of 29 September 2014. Prices found using EE's roaming page.

Use your mobile abroad for less

Here's a round up of the best roaming add-ons for those travelling in Europe and those travelling further afield.

Network add-ons for calls & texts within Europe

Remember, European countries outside the EEA - like Switzerland and Turkey - aren't covered by the same laws and so the price caps in the European roaming costs table above don't apply.

It's worth noting Croatia has only recently joined the EU (full info in the Mobile roaming costs fall MSE News story). A list of EU and EEA member states can be found on


EE, Orange and T-Mobile Euro Talk and Text Unlimited*All contract customers, £2/day

EE, Orange and T-Mobile customers can make unlimited calls and texts to European numbers while abroad in Europe for a flat rate of £2/day.

Once you've opted in, the add-on will apply automatically when you start using your phone in one of the applicable countries, which can be found on the EE website*.

You'll be charged the entire £2 if you make or send even a single call or text in a day, so if you're planning on using your phone only a couple of times you'd be better off paying EE's standard European rates.

This doesn't include mobile internet and if you're on EE or T-Mobile you can't pay for data by the minute - you'll need an add-on. Orange customers will pay the standard EU roaming rate of 19.8p/MB without an add-on. See EE's roaming page* for info on data bundles.


O2 Travel*All contract customers, £1.99/day

The O2 Travel* bolt-on costs £1.99/day (midnight to 11.59pm, UK time). This gives you unlimited mobile data. For calls, making and receiving, you'll be charged 50p/call connection fee. It's then free to talk for up to 60 mins per call. Texts are charged at 5p each.

It will automatically apply when you use your phone abroad, but you'll only be charged on the days you use your phone. There's no charge for receiving texts.

With this in mind, it's a good idea to try and ensure you make all your calls on one day, and talk for as long as you can each time (so you don't rack up lots of 50p charges for 30 second calls).

If you know you'll only make a few short calls home, then you may be better off paying the O2 standard European roaming rates. If you want to do this, text NOTRAVEL to 23336.

Pay-as-you-go customers don't qualify for these calling rates, and they only get 50MB of data for the same price.


Vodafone EuroTraveller*All contract customers, £3/day to use your UK price plan

Vodafone's EuroTraveller* deal costs £3/day (midnight to 11.59pm, local time) and lets you use your minutes, texts and mobile internet with the same freedom as in the UK.

You'll only be charged on the days you use your phone, and there's no charge for receiving calls or texts. Your allowance can be used to call any standard-rate number in Vodafone's Europe Zone - international rates apply for other numbers.

As you'll be charged £3/day every time you use your phone, it's a good idea to do all your calls/texts/web surfing on one day, or limit it to just a few days of your trip, so you're not charged every day.


T-Mobile Euro 5 Talk & Text Booster*All pre-existing contract customers, £5/month

T-Mobile customers with older contracts can still sign up to the network's travel boosters. This one costs £5/month and gives you a travel allowance of £7.50 (ie, 50% extra free) to use in Europe.

You can choose how you want to use it, but it could be used to make up to 19 minutes of calls, receive up to 53 minutes of calls or send up to 75 texts.

For shorter trips or when you think you'll be using your mobile more, the unlimited calls and texts bundle for £2/day is a better option. This is also the only available travel bundle for newer T-Mobile customers.

See T-Mobile* for more info. Unlike some other networks' bundles, this one does not include data. See the Cheap Data Roaming guide for T-Mobile data bundles.

Network add-ons outside Europe

While roaming prices within Europe have tumbled, using your phone in the rest of the world is still pricey, as there is no cap on what the network providers can charge. However, you can cut the price of roaming using your usual network by adding a subscription package.

For internet-only bundles on the various networks, take a look at the Cheap Data Roaming guide. For calls and texts or combined bundles, here are the top picks:


Vodafone WorldTraveller*All contract customers, £5/day to use your UK price plan

If you're travelling outside Europe, some countries are eligible for Vodafone WorldTraveller, including New Zealand and Australia. Costing £5/day, this allows you to access your UK allowance of minutes, texts and data without paying roaming rates.

Like the EuroTraveller add-on, you'll be charged on any day that you make a call, send a text or use data. If you call or text any country other than the UK or the one you're travelling in, you'll be charged the daily fee plus standard international rates.

Text ADD to 40508 from your mobile to opt in. See Vodafone* for more details.


EE Roaming Minutes and TextsAll contract customers, from £6/month

EE customers can purchase varying packages of minutes and texts to make or receive calls anywhere in the world to or from the UK.

The cheapest text bundle starts at £6/month for 100 texts, or you can opt for 30 minutes for the same price. There are also more expensive bundles available, which can be found on the EE website*.

The add-ons run on a monthly rolling contract, but if you activate it part way through your billing cycle you'll receive an adjusted add-on charge and allowance until your next cycle begins.

This doesn't include mobile internet and you can't pay for data by the minute with EE - see the Cheap Data Roaming guide for info on EE data bundles.


Orange World Traveller*Contract users, £5/month

This reduces the cost of calls by up to 30%, depending on the country you are visiting.

For example, get the World Traveller add-on when you're travelling in Australia and it costs £5.10/mth to get a 30% reduction on your calls. The standard charge to make or receive a call in Australia is £1.20/min, but with World Traveller you'll pay 84p/min.

As the package costs £5.10/mth, you'll have to make or receive at least 15 mins of calls per month to justify paying for the package. Any less than this and you'll be better off paying the standard rate.

World Traveller isn't available in every country so check before you go - see Orange* for more information and call costs.

Unlike some other networks' bundles, this one doesn't include data. See the Cheap Data Roaming guide for data bundles.

REMEMBER! Call up and cancel your package when you get home

Switch your Sim to slash call costs

You can get much cheaper calls and receive them for free by switching Sim card. As you usually need to pay a hefty upfront cost though, it's only suitable for those who make a lot of calls. Check your provider's own options first.

Sometimes mobile roaming is cheaper by switching Sims

Which type of Sim to buy?

There are two main options:

Buy a local Sim card (the cheaper route)

This is a specific Sim card for the country you are going to, which gives you a new UK number to give out to friends and family, so they can call you while you're away, without it costing them.

Generally, this this is the cheapest route for making calls overseas, however, if you travel frequently, to a few different countries, it means buying a few Sims and giving out lots of different numbers. See Cheap Local Sims for full info.

In some places, especially the US, it may make more sense to grab a super-basic PAYG handset which comes pre-loaded with minutes. Some of these handsets are very cheap and there's no added cost to unlock them.

Get an international roaming Sim card (the easier route)

Here you use a specialist multi-country Sim card. While not as cheap as a local card, you only need to buy it once, and keep the same UK number wherever you are, making it more convenient (see Cheap International Sims).

Switching your Sim

Cheapest local Sims

The cheapest option is to buy a Sim card when you arrive at your destination. But for ease, you can get a local Sim in advance for between £15-£30 (and most come with preloaded call credit).

This means you know the number and have it all set up before you go. Ensure you pick the right network though, as prices vary. There's a useful list of overseas networks on PrepaidGSM.


0044*Cheap pre-paid Sims incl US, Cyprus, France

One of the cheapest deals on the market, 0044* offers local Sims for 20 different countries, including the US and Australia

The initial outlay can be quite steep (up to £35 depending on the country you need the Sim for, but this comes with some free credit). Of the providers included here, it offers one of the best rates for most European countries and Australia.

How big is the saving? Make five 10-minute calls back to the UK while in the US using a Vodafone Sim card (without any roaming bundles) and it'll cost £67.50. Make the same calls using a 0044 USA Sim card and it's just £6, excluding the upfront cost for the Sim (£20, with £6 credit included).

Anything else? There is also a global Sim option for those travelling to more than one country. You must make at least one call or send one text every six months. If you do not, your remaining credit will be lost. 0044 only works in unlocked handsets. Micro and nano Sims are also available.


UK2Abroad*Best for travelling in the US

If you're travelling to the US, UK2Abroad* offers a local Sim which is the cheapest we've seen.

The USA Calls & Data Value Sim costs £24.99, but this gives you unlimited local calls and texts, 100 texts to the UK, and 500MB of data to use over 30 days.

To make calls to the UK you'll need to buy additional credit in sterling on top.

How big is the saving? Make five 10-minute calls back to the UK while in the US using a Vodafone Sim card, and it'll cost £67.50. Make the same calls using this UK2Abroad Sim card and it's just £5 if calling a landline and £9 to a mobile, excluding the upfront cost of the Sim.

Anything else? There is also a global Sim option for those travelling to more than one country. UK2Abroad only works in unlocked handsets. Micro and nano Sims are also available, just contact the company by reply email when you receive your automated order confirmation.

Further ways to cut costs

Rebtel* allows you to make roaming calls for the price of a local call. It does this by routing calls from mobiles through local landlines. This is useful for those with local Sims, as calling abroad can still be costly, but local calls can be dirt cheap. Full info in the Free Web Calls guide.

Cheapest global Sims

A global Sim allows you to have the same number every time you go away. They usually cost around £15 - £30 to buy. The cost of calls, texts and data is different depending on the country you're in, so always double check the price first.

We looked at the price in five countries (Spain, Australia, USA, Italy and Brazil) to calculate average costs when comparing the following top picks.


Truphone* £20 with £10 credit

The Sim from Truphone* (previously Sim4travel) costs £19.99 and gives £10 call credit.

How big is the saving? Make three 10-minute calls back to the UK while travelling in China using a Three Sim card, and it'll cost £60. Make the same calls using a Tru global Sim card and it's just £22.50.

It's one of the cheapest Sims around. The average price for contacting five countries was 22p/min for calls (8p/min when we excluded Brazil) and £1.27/MB for data (8p/min excluding Brazil).

Anything else? If you don't use the Sim for a period of 90 days or more you'll have add more credit in order to reactivate it. This is a big disadvantage, but can be avoided by calling the automated top-up line from your Tru handset for free on 404 every month.

TravelTalk Sim

TravelTalk* Free Sim when you buy £25 credit

The TravelTalk Sim* from Auracall is 'free' when you buy £25 of credit. Delivery is £3.99. It can be used in over 170 countries to get cut-price calling rates, although data is expensive. It's also free to receive calls in 90+ countries, including Australia, Netherlands, Venezuela and Djibouti.

You can also use your TravelTalk credit to make international calls from landlines in a number of countries at a much lower rate. See the TravelTalk website* for details.

How big is the saving? Make three 10-minute calls back to the UK while travelling in Chile using a Three Sim card, and it'll cost £60. Make the same calls using a TravelTalk global Sim card and it's just £4.80.

It's a good Sim for calls but data costs are expensive. Across the five countries we checked it cost an average of 22p/min for calls and a pricey £6/MB for data.

Anything else? The TravelTalk Sim will only work in unlocked handsets. The credit and Sim does not expire. You'll get a UK number, so anyone calling you from the UK will be charged the same rate to call you as if you were still in the UK.


GoSim* £15 Sim with $10 credit

GoSim* has one of the cheapest international Sims on the market. It offers 3G data coverage in 90 different countries and phone coverage in 195 countries, including the USA and Australia.

It costs £15 for the International Sim but this includes $10 (£6) in airtime credit. GoSim has competitive rates for using data, starting from $0.35/MB (21p/MB), but it charges different rates for different countries so check first.

How big is the saving? Make three 10-minute calls back to the UK while in the US using a Vodafone Sim card (without any roaming bundles), and it'll cost £40.50. Make the same calls using a GoSim International Sim and it's around $13.50 (£8.14), excluding the upfront cost for the Sim.

GoSim's rates are slightly higher than our other two picks for calls but it's the cheapest for data. Across the five countries we checked it cost an average of 31p/min for calls and 36p/MB for data.

Anything else? There are two other options available. You can get the Data Sim* card for £38 which comes with 200MB 'free' data plus a wi-fi hotspot device for an additional fee. Or there's the USA 4G Sim* for £15 which includes 50MB of 'free' data and charges from $0.09/min (5p/min) for local calls.

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