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Is it acceptable to ask for wedding cash instead of gifts?
In many countries around the world, cash gifts for weddings are a given, but in the UK traditionally they're frowned at. If you were POLITELY asked for cash, not boxed gifts at a wedding, what’s closest to your view?

How much data do you use on your mobile?
For many people their smartphone is now the key to accessing the internet – and with video, TV, social networks, music and more it can easily gobble data. So how much data (we're talking data used on your 3G or 4G signal – not over Wi-Fi) do you USE in a typical month? Either check your data usage settings, or your mobile bill.

What cosmetic surgery/treatments would you pay for?
The cosmetic surgery industry is now big business, worth over £3 billion in the UK alone and it's starting to increase its advertising. So what surgery would you consider or have you had done? (Of course, some cosmetic surgery is a medical necessity, paid for by the NHS or insurance, so we’re not talking about that.) Please select each time you have or would consider the treatment under the relevant category (PS, thanks to our Facebook users for suggesting options.)

How do you rate your home phone and broadband provider?
We can tell you which the cheapest providers are, but to find out if their service is any good, we need your help. So twice a year we ask you to tell us about your customer service experiences.Please rate your HOME PHONE and BROADBAND provider(s) on customer service (not price) over the past SIX MONTHS.Phone and broadband from the same provider? Rate each service separately.

When did you last check your credit file?
Your credit file can dictate not just whether you get mortgages, credit card deals, contract mobile phones or cheap energy tariffs, but sometimes even the rate. A small error on your files at credit reference agencies Experian, Equifax or Callcredit can cause havoc, so checking your file is important. When did you last check your credit file?

Are you richer than your parents were?
The world is richer than it used to be, but do you feel it? Taking into account both wealth and income (and factoring in inflation) how do you think you stand compared with your parents? Are you richer than your parents were AT THE SAME AGE?

What’s your favourite chocolate?
In the lull between Christmas and New Year, we’ve decided to have a bit more fun with this week’s poll. Two years ago you told us that your favourite crisps are cheese and onion; now we want to find out which sweet treats float your boat. So which of the following is your favourite chocolate? (Where a brand has more than one variety eg, Aero and Aero Mint, we’ve just included one). Please vote for UP TO THREE of your favourites below (if yours is missing, feel free to vent in the forum discussion).

Who's your favourite film villain of all time?
It's Christmas, so we're going to ditch our usual poll and have a bit of fun. Star Wars, now hitting the flicks, had a fearsome baddie in Darth Vader, but who is your favourite film villain? Please vote for UP TO THREE of your favourites below (if yours is missing, feel free to vent in the forum discussion).

Have you haggled with Sky, BT, the AA and more this year? Did you succeed?
Call centre haggling can provide big savings – whether it be digital TV, broadband, credit cards, breakdown cover, insurance and more. Each year we try to gauge the success rates of those who’ve done it. So please let us know whether you gained cheaper prices, extra goods, better deals or reduced interest. Which of these firms have you tried to haggle with IN THE LAST YEAR? (Select as many as you want from the major providers below.)

Parcel delivery firms: which are the best and worst?
With the festive season upon us, parcel delivery firms are zipping around the UK helping out the big man in the red suit. Yet sadly parcel delivery horror stories abound - ranging from no-shows to “they threw the goods over the fence” or “they lied that we weren't in”. So it’s time for our annual poll to sort the good guys from the cowboys... Please rate your experience with each of these firms DURING THE LAST YEAR (don’t rate if you haven’t experienced their services).

Would you cancel Christmas?
It's nearly here. For some it conjures a picture of smiling children, fun, family and festive frivolity; for others it means stress, present pressure, debts and chores. (Also see Martin's Ban unnecessary Christmas presents blog). So if you had a big red CANCEL CHRISTMAS button that'd make the whole thing disappear (and just add the days to your holiday entitlement), would you press it?

Is the landline dead?
It seems the landline is dying with more and more people relying on a combination of their mobile phones and internet connections. But has it died yet? We last ran this poll in 2012 and wanted to see if anything's changed. How many of your (non-work) calls made and received are on your home phone compared to mobile/web calls?

Is your energy company's service any good?
Winter’s nearly here, so it's time energy bills come to the forefront of your mind (most people are overpaying £250+/year - check the Cheap Energy Club to see if you can save). So we want to do our regular check on service… Please rate your current supplier’s SERVICE (not price) over the last SIX MONTHS. If you’ve gas & elec with different firms, please rate both.

Should the NHS pay for IVF treatments?
Currently couples who struggle to have children may be able to get up to three cycles of IVF treatment on the NHS. Yet some regions are discussing cutting that to one cycle or even stopping it altogether. Should the NHS fund IVF treatments – which of these is closest to your opinion?

How many passwords do you have & are they the same?
The TalkTalk cyber attack (see our TalkTalk help) has heightened concern over password security. Best practice is never use the same password twice, but that makes things difficult. So we want to find out how many password-controlled accounts you have – from banks to social media, music streaming services and more. And how often do you use the same password? Which of these is closest to your situation?

Is it time to ditch 1p and 2p coins?
Ireland is aiming to stop producing 1 and 2 cent coins – to get there it wants to encourage shops to round prices down or up to the nearest five cents.Should we aim to ditch copper coins in the UK too? Which is nearest to your view?

Should the UK stay in the EU?
Should we stay or should we go? The campaigns for both sides of the EU debate have now launched with the referendum due by the end of 2017. The wording of the question is unlikely to change, so we want to test your current view based on that exact wording. Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?

Who's the complainer in your house?
Having just been on a roadshow for his TV show, Martin noted that when heterosexual couples were asked to complain, whether about faulty broadband or bad food at a restaurant, the men usually did the complaining. We wanted to know if this gender split is reflected across the UK. Who in your household usually does the complaining?

Would you buy clothes you knew were made using child labour?
There are often questions about the use of child labour to make cheap clothes. If proved, would this affect the way you balance your pocket versus the way goods are manufactured? We last asked this in 2013 and are fascinated to see if views have changed since then. If it was CONFIRMED a (hypothetical) fashion store sold cheap, child-sweatshop-made clothes, which of these statements would be CLOSEST to your attitude?

How much are your monthly bills?
Many banks are starting to reward you for paying household bills via them – to help us establish which are the best we need to know roughly what you pay. Please add up all that you pay out each month (if you don’t pay monthly please estimate the equivalent). IMPORTANT - please only include the following Council tax Electricity and Gas Water Mobile phone bill TV (licence and subscriptions) Home phone Broadband PLEASE DON'T INCLUDE: Mortgage, rent, childcare, food or anything else not in the above.

When do you think interest rates will go up?
The base rate has been on hold at its historic 0.5% low since March 2009. The result has been record low borrowing rates and shocking savings returns. But when do you think they'll eventually rise? Dust off your crystal ball and give us your prediction (we asked this last in 2013; it'll be fascinating to see how it's changed). So when will interest rates rise? Pick the closest to your view.

How much data do you use on your home broadband?
With streaming, downloads, software and gaming – many people are constantly eating data – yet how much do you use (if you’re not sure you can usually log into your account to see)? Please give us your best estimate below for your home broadband data usage each month:

Santander 123 customers – how much cashback do you get?
What is the typical annual amount of cashback you earn on your bank account (please exclude any earned on your Santander 123 credit card) BEFORE the fee and BEFORE adding any savings interest (if you haven’t had a full year yet, please estimate)?

Do you agree with the 5p charge for carrier bags?
From 5 Oct, England joins the rest of the UK in charging 5p for most carrier bags from supermarkets and other large retailers - the money will go to charity. The aim is to reduce the use of bags, which can cause serious environmental problems. Retailers will be fined if they don’t comply. Which of these is closest to your view?

Where have you shopped so far in 2015?
A simple question. Which of the following list of 50 major retailers have you bought from in 2015? We want to find out which attract the most custom.   Please vote for all those you’ve purchased from, whether in-store or online.