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Do you pay for domestic services?
Is housework still a preserve of the family, or in our growing service culture, are more people spending money on help in and around the home? Please pick as many of the following that YOU (or your family) PAY for:

What wouldn’t you downshift on?
Our Downshift Challenge is all about trying dropping one brand level, as the savings can be huge. Often, you can’t notice the difference, but that’s not always the case.  And if the quality’s worse, going cheaper can (on occasion) be a false economy. Which of these 18 common downshifts WOULDN'T you skimp on? (Only vote on items you buy.)

Should inheritance tax be scrapped?
The Prime Minister has said he’d like to raise the threshold at which you pay inheritance tax to £1m (currently, it’s £325,000 or £650,000 for a couple, as allowances can be transferred). Which of these is closest to your view on inheritance tax?

Is it right some must sell their homes to pay care home costs?
If someone needs to go into a care home, the value of their assets, including their home, is usually used to calculate what they pay. This doesn’t apply to couples when one is still living at home. In England there are plans that only homes worth over £123,000 will be taken into account (currently, it’s £23,250). The most anyone needs to pay for care is £75,000 over their lifetime, plus £12,500 per year to cover bed and board. After that, state help kicks in. Is it right some must sell their homes to pay care home costs? Which of these options is CLOSEST to your view?

Should men still pay on a first date?
Traditional ideas of chivalry dictate that on a first date, the man should foot the bill. However, in this modern day and age when we’re striving for gender equality, it’s questionable whether gender should have anything to do with who pays on a first date. Obviously, this poll only makes sense for heterosexual relationships. Which of these options is CLOSEST to your view?

Should pre-nups be encouraged?
A pre-nuptial agreement is a contract signed by couples before they tie the knot, outlining how financial assets should be split if the relationship breaks down. Currently, they’re not legally binding, but the Law Commission thinks they should be. Supporters argue they give clarity from the outset, and make it easier for couples to manage their affairs following a break-up. Opponents say it goes against the idea of marriage, adds expense and can leave the poorer partner under pressure to agree. Should pre-nups be encouraged? Which of these is closest to your view?

Are you a shyster site victim for EHICs, passports and other renewals?
Search for an EHIC, driving licence, passport or similar and you risk paying a shyster site for doing nowt. These sites appear high up on Google and dress up like legitimate sites, then charge you extra for what’s normally just easy form-filling. The Government’s announced extra cash for a crackdown - we want to judge the scale of the problem. Have you been caught out (or nearly caught out) by a shyster site and paid over the odds?

Which are the best & worst daily deals sites?
Daily deals sites sell vouchers, which you then exchange for a product or service. They launched a few years ago to great acclaim, but some users now complain of email overload, sub-par deals and redemption problems. So we want to cut the wheat from the chaff. Please rate the daily deals sites you’ve used.

Is it acceptable to haggle in a charity shop?
Haggling sits up there with comparing prices, vouchers, codes and deals in a MoneySaver’s shopping skills arsenal. However, recently we've heard of people haggling in charity shops and wanted to get your views on whether you think it's permissible, even though it’s decreasing a charity’s take. Is it acceptable to haggle in a charity shop? Which is closest to your view?

How do you rate your bank account's service?
We run this poll on big banks' current accounts every six months to see how the experience changes. We’d love your feedback. Please vote based on CUSTOMER SERVICE for your main CURRENT account over the last SIX MONTHS. Please ignore rates or any other products, or service from before six months ago.

Is it OK to use a 2for1 voucher on a first date?
Valentine's Day is coming, but has using vouchers finally broken through the last taboo? Is it acceptable to use 2for1 restaurant vouchers on a first date? We ask this each year - let's see if it's changed... Imagine Ollie asks Samantha to dinner on a first date, saying he'll pay. When the bill comes, he pulls out a 2for1 voucher – what advice would you give Samantha?

Would you support a 50% tax rate – if it didn’t raise extra cash?
The Labour Party says if it returns to power, it’ll reintroduce the 50% income tax rate for higher earners (those over £150,000) as it says they should bear a bigger burden. Yet it's not clear whether this will actually bring in extra revenue, as it could act as a disincentive, while some will take their wealth overseas. We want to know your attitude to taxation of this type. Assume increasing the tax rate won’t increase the amount the government receives in tax. (We’re not saying it won’t, we're just testing the hypothetical question.) Which of these is closest to your view?

Should parents be allowed to take kids out of school for a holiday?
Last week, a couple were fined for taking their children on a term-time family holiday without the school’s permission. Headteachers can grant leave in exceptional circumstances, but it’s unlikely for a holiday and holiday prices soar in school holidays. Should term-time holidays be allowed? Should parents be allowed to take their kids on holidays during term-time? Which of these is CLOSEST to your view?

Which money issues do you hide from your partner?
Is it a question of sharing everything, or are finances something you keep secret? Which money issues do you ‘hide’ from (or not fully disclose to) your partner?

Do you know what information is kept on credit files?
Apply for a mortgage, credit card, even a mobile phone contract, and you’re credit-scored (see Boost Your Credit Score for more info). As well as your application form details, and any past dealings they’ve had with you, firms also get details from one of three credit reference agencies. Answer for ALL whether you think this information is on credit files for LENDERS to see. Once you’ve voted, check whether you were right by clicking the “discuss current poll” link below.

Parcel delivery firms: who are the best and worst?
Parcel delivery horror stories range from no-shows to “they threw the goods over the fence” or “they lied that we weren't in”. Last year, we asked who the good guys and cowboys were – now we want to see if anything’s changed. Please rate your overall experiences with these major firms DURING THE LAST YEAR (don’t rate if you haven’t experienced their service).

Did you go shopping-mad in the “January” sales?
Lots of sales started before Christmas. Many that didn’t went into full swing online from Christmas Day, and in stores from Boxing Day. Did you/will you take advantage, or are you avoiding them like the plague? Choose the option that’s closest to your situation…

What’s your favourite Christmas film?
It's Christmas, so for this week's poll, we're forgetting money and going for a bit of fun. We've selected some of the best-loved Christmas films – ones involving or about Christmas, rather than those usually on over the festive period – and we’d like you to pick your favourite. Please vote for your FAVOURITE (if yours is missing, feel free to vent in the forum discussion)

Would you cancel Christmas?
It's nearly here. For some it conjures a picture of smiling children, fun, family and festive frivolity; for others it means stress, present pressure, debts and chores. So if we had a big red CANCEL CHRISTMAS button that'd make the whole thing disappear (and just add the days to your holiday entitlement), would you press it?

How much will this year's Christmas cost you?
Christmas and the holiday season is an expensive time of year. So how much do you plan to spend on presents, food, and transport to see friends and family?

Should Scotland be an independent country?
The Scottish Government has launched its white paper ahead of the independence referendum due in 10 months’ time. The question that’ll be asked is: "Should Scotland be an independent country?" While only people in Scotland will vote, we wanted to see the answer from across the UK.

Are you sick of being asked about cookies?
For about a year, the EU Cookie Directive's forced UK websites to ask if you’re willing to accept cookies (files that track what you do) on your computer. It’s to make websites more transparent, and to allow you to stop them tracking if you want to. But often, saying “no” means you sacrifice usability. Is the cookie directive taking the biscuit? Which of the following is nearest to your view on the cookie directive?

When did you last go into a bank branch?
Barclays has just announced more bank closures. These days, many people access banking services online, via an app or by phone. So is the bank branch a dying need? How often do you typically use a branch – other than just to use an ATM/machine in there - for PERSONAL (non-business) banking?

Have you put your heating on yet?
Winter’s coming and energy companies are hiking their prices. So have you turned your heating on at home yet?

Which firms have you haggled best with on the phone?
Digital TV, broadband, credit cards, insurance and more. It's possible to haggle with call centres across the UK – whether for cheaper prices, better deals or reduced interest. Which of these firms have you tried to haggle with IN THE LAST YEAR? (Select as many as you want from the major providers below.)


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