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Reclaim & Boost Tesco Vouchers

Get back lost vouchers, then boost to max value

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Jenny | Edited by Steve N

Updated 25 Apr 2016

Play the clubcard for max points

Tesco's Clubcard is one of the most generous loyalty schemes around, if used the right way.

It's possible to play the points and rewards scheme like a symphony, so here's the score, including how to reclaim lost Tesco vouchers and how to boost the value of those you have. Plus we've details of the last-ever Clubcard double-up in-store and online, ahead of a wider shake-up of the Clubcard scheme.

Clubcard basics

Regular shoppers at retail megalith Tesco earn Clubcard points. Every three months it sends the points as vouchers, yet it's possible to gain massive extra value.

How do you earn Clubcard points?

Flash your Clubcard at Tesco and you bag one point per pound spent. You can also earn via partners such as E.on, Esso and Living Social – see its full list.

When you earn over 150 points in a three month period, Tesco sends your points as Clubcard Vouchers to use in store or online. If you don't reach the threshold in any one quarter, your points carry over and it sends vouchers at the end of the next quarter you earn 150 points in. Vouchers are valid for two years.

Reclaim lost Tesco vouchers

Clubcard Many people lose or forget to use their Tesco vouchers, but there's an easy way to claw back the last two years of unused vouchers (some report successes from even further back).

  1. Log in online.

    Go to the Tesco Clubcard site and enter your details. When you log in, the site asks you for your email address, password and Clubcard number to access your account.

  2. Make sure you're registered.

    You'll need to be registered for a account. Tesco says doing this means you won't miss out on money-off codes the first time you shop (see Tesco Discount Codes).

  3. Check for unspent vouchers.

    In your Clubcard account, click on 'my vouchers' on the left-hand side and you should see a table listing the vouchers you still have to spend.

  4. Instantly print vouchers or use the codes online.

    If you want to spend vouchers online, you simply need to use the code listed, eg, beginning "A6TCD". To spend in store, print vouchers yourself to use instantly.

Friends and family not online?

If you're telling friends and family how to reclaim lost vouchers, but they don't have internet access, there is another way. Just phone Tesco customer services, and its staff will check whether you have any vouchers to spend. If so, it'll cancel the lost vouchers and add the points onto your balance for your next statement, so you'll get them re-issued.

Just based on those who've reported it to us, MoneySavers have so far found £32,913 in lost Tesco vouchers! That's worth up to £131,650 when converted into Clubcard Rewards vouchers – and the real total's likely to be much more...

Here are some MoneySavers who've shown it's worth the effort:

WOW – I've got £413 of unspent vouchers! Double that for Christmas – I think we'll be alright. Or quadruple with Virgin Holidays? Ridiculously excited.

Almost £600 worth of vouchers going back nearly three years. I knew I had a lot and this new website saved me having to dig though piles of old paperwork.

Thanks to your article, we found that we had nearly £150 of unclaimed Tesco vouchers! We have already doubled the vouchers' value online, which has been incredibly useful for Christmas.

Thanks for the tip on checking unused vouchers – just found over £50 worth not used – don't know how that happened but am happy to spend them now!

Report how much you've found: How many Tesco vouchers have you reclaimed?

Quick questions:

How far back can I access unspent vouchers?

Can you use vouchers online straight away?

Can I get a refund on Tesco Boost tokens?

Can I trade in cashback for Clubcard points?

Boost your points to get max value

Once you've got your stash of points, the challenge is to make the most of them. Spend 500 points on your groceries at the checkout and you'll save a fiver – but spend them in the right way and you can really max their value.

Up to 4x value with Clubcard partners – including our top 10 deals

You can get the biggest boost to your points' value by exchanging vouchers for Clubcard Boost* tokens to spend with its partners. They can be spent on days out, restaurants, train tickets and more. It varies, but in some cases you can redeem your points for up to four times their normal value (ie, 500 points gets you £20 in vouchers).

The pricing for Clubcard Boost is based on companies' list prices. Always check you're really getting three or four times the value before committing. So before exchanging £20 for something with a £60 RRP, check the price elsewhere in case it's cheaper and you're better off using the Clubcard voucher for something else.

Here are our top 10 picks from Tesco's Clubcard Boost with partners scheme.

  • Restaurant vouchers, including Prezzo and Cafe Rouge – up to 4x value (though check first that other 2for1s aren't available)

    Every £2.50 gives £10 in vouchers for restaurants, including Pizza Express, Cafe Rouge and Prezzo. Read more

  • £4.50 cinema tickets at Cineworld, Odeon or Movie House – up to 3x value but only worth it in pricey areas

    Swap £4.50 in vouchers (£3.50 for children) for a Cineworld* or Odeon* cinema ticket. It's £3.50 for adults at Movie House*. Read more

  • Magazine subscriptions, including InStyle and Marie Claire – 2x value but check direct offers before signing up

    Between £6-£40 in vouchers gets you subscriptions (from 3 months to a year) to one of a variety of magazines, including InStyle and Marie Claire. Read more

  • Jewellery from Goldsmiths – 3x value, great if buying bling

    Every £10 Clubcard voucher gets you a £30 Goldsmiths voucher, so a £600 ring will cost £200 in Tesco vouchers. Read more

  • Train booking with RedSpottedHanky – 2x value, but beware of the booking and delivery fees

    Trade in Clubcard vouchers to spend at train booking site RedSpottedHanky and you get 2x their in-store value, so £5 becomes £10. You'll need to beware the booking fee though. Read more

  • Days out including London Zoo and Hampton Court Palace – up to 4x value and perfect for a cheap family excursion

    Get £10 days out tokens for £2.50 Clubcard vouchers. Read more

  • Avios (formerly Air Miles and BA Miles) – typically 2.5x value but you have to pay taxes and charges

    Convert Clubcard vouchers into Avios points and £2.50 becomes 600 points, so £37.50 could get you a cheap Eurostar return to Paris. Read more

  • Day trips to France with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle – 3x value, but check ferry prices as they are often even cheaper

    £10 in Clubcard vouchers gets £30 in Eurotunnel Rewards vouchers. Read more

  • Merlin Pass: Alton Towers, Chessington, Thorpe Park – 3x value though really best for frequent thrillseekers

    A standard Merlin Annual Pass costs £50 in Clubcard vouchers. Passes are valid for unlimited entry for one person to Merlin attractions (which include Alton Towers, Legoland and Chessington) for 12 months. Read more

  • RAC breakdown cover – up to 2x value but check elsewhere before committing

    What you get varies depending on the policy you choose. For example, £18 in Clubcard vouchers gets you single, roadside-only RAC cover, which normally costs about £28 if you buy online. Read more

Last-ever Clubcard double-up – exchange your points for 2x the amount in vouchers

Tesco Direct

The next Tesco Clubcard double-up starts on Mon 16 May – so if you've a stash of points, you may want to hold onto 'em until then. Tesco says the next double-up will be its last-ever, as the supermarket prepares to unveil wider changes to the Clubcard scheme (see the Last-ever Clubcard double-up MSE news story).

The promotion, which runs until Sun 26 Jun, allows you to swap every £5 in Clubcard vouchers for £10 of Boost vouchers to spend in certain departments in store or online.

For most it's a much better option than just using 500 points to knock £5 off your food bill, but remember you could get triple or quadruple the value of your vouchers with the ongoing Clubcard Boost scheme.

When do you need to exchange points by? It depends on how you do it:

  • Vouchers exchanged in store – must be used in store and exchanged by store-closing-time on Sun 26 Jun.
  • Vouchers exchanged online via the Tesco Clubcard site – can be used online or printed out and used in-store. Must be exchanged by 11.59pm on Sun 26 Jun.

When must vouchers be redeemed by? The deadline for redeeming all vouchers, no matter where you exchanged them, is 11.59pm on Sun 26 Jun.

How does it work? You'll need a minimum of £5 in Clubcard vouchers to take part – you can double-up to spend online at Tesco Direct* and Tesco Opticians (on products that have the Tesco Boost logo next to them) or in store in the following categories:

  • Clothing (in-store only) – excluding jewellery and watches.
  • Electricals – excluding TVs, computers, tablets, e-readers and accessories for these, plus printers, DVD players and the online photo centre.
  • Entertainment, books and gaming – excluding iTunes vouchers and pre-orders.
  • Garden and BBQs – excluding bouquets.
  • Home – excluding home brewing and printer ink.
  • Mobile phones and accessories – excluding pay monthly contracts, PAYG top ups & insurance.
  • Opticians – excluding NHS eye tests, glasses and accessories from other departments, or those paid for by direct debit.
  • Skincare and cosmetics – excluding salons, nail bars, hair care and toiletries.
  • Sports and leisure – excluding nutrition supplements.
  • Travel and camping.
  • Toys – excluding party decorations and stationery.

How do I exchange my vouchers? If you're exchanging vouchers in-store then head to the customer service desk (you can't exchange them in Express stores). If you want to double-up online you'll need to exchange your vouchers on the Tesco Clubcard website.

How many can I exchange? There is no limit on the number of vouchers you can exchange. The minimum exchange is for £5 but this can be made up of smaller vouchers (you can only exchange vouchers in multiples of £5).

Is there anything I can't boost? As well as the exemptions listed above, the offer isn't available with Tesco Direct partners.

Anything else? Always compare prices elsewhere first to make sure you're really getting a bargain. You can't get change from exchanged vouchers in-store, so the cost of the product must equal or exceed the value of the voucher. If the item costs more than the value of the voucher, you can make up the difference.

If you've a voucher which doesn't fit the £5 increments you can double-up in, eg a £7 voucher, you can still use it to double-up, and the remainder will be credited back to your account. So if for example you've a £7 voucher, £5 will be doubled-up, and the remaining £2 will be sent back to your Clubcard account.

Exchanged Boost tokens cannot be swapped back into points or into cash, so you need to be sure you'll use them before converting.

What about the Christmas Savers Scheme? The scheme works by allowing you to top up your Clubcard savings with your own money in store to earn a bonus in time for Christmas, eg, a £25 top-up earns a £1.50 bonus.

Anyone on the Tesco Christmas Savers Scheme can choose to opt out by 5 May, and have the vouchers delivered by mid-May in time for the double–up. To do this log into your Clubcard account, select 'Options and Benefits' and uncheck the box saying Christmas Savers, or call 0800 0234912 or 0330 123 0258.

If you opt out any money you've topped up throughout the year will be given back to you via a Tesco gift card, but you will no longer receive the bonus money.

Free tool if you're having a problem

This tool helps you draft your complaint and manage it too. It's totally free, and offered by a firm called Resolver which we like so much we work with it to help people get complaints justice.

If the complaint isn't resolved, Resolver with nudge you to escalate it to the relevant ombudsman and trade body.