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Reclaim Tesco Vouchers Get back lost vouchers, then boost to max value

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Play the clubcard for max points

Tesco's Clubcard is one of the most generous loyalty schemes around, if used the right way.

It's possible to play the points and rewards scheme like a symphony, so here's the score...

Clubcard basics

Regular shoppers at retail megalith Tesco earn Clubcard points. Every three months it sends the points as vouchers, yet it's possible to gain massive extra value.

How do you earn Clubcard points?
Flash your Clubcard at Tesco and you bag one point per pound spent. You can also earn via partners such as E.on, Blinkbox and Living Social - see a full list.

For devoted points chasers, the Tesco Clubcard Credit Card* gives one extra Clubcard point for every £4 you spend on it (18.9% representative APR). Though you could get a better return with a cashback card - for full help and options, see Cashback Credit Cards.

Customers of the new Tesco Bank current account can also earn Clubcard points on their spending. Customers can get one extra Clubcard point for every £4 spent in store and on fuel with Tesco and one point for every £8 spent away from Tesco when using their debit card.

How much are Tesco vouchers worth?
While 500 points equals a fiver to spend in-store, you can trade it for up to four times that value (ie, £20) on Boost Partner items. These include restaurant vouchers, jewellery and train tickets (see our Top 10).

Alternatively, you can double your points' value by spending them online and in some departments in-store through the Boost at Tesco scheme - which this summer also includes Tesco Direct.

Step 1: Get back lost Tesco vouchers

Many people lose or forget to use their Tesco vouchers, but there’s an easy way to claw back the last two years of unused vouchers (some report successes from even further back).


Log in online. Go to the Tesco Clubcard* website and enter your details. If you're new, you'll need to enter your email address and Clubcard number to access your account.

You'll need to be registered for a account. Tesco says doing this won't mean you miss out on money-off codes the first time you shop (see Tesco Discount Codes).


Check for unspent vouchers. In your Clubcard account, click on 'my vouchers' on the left-hand side and you should see a table listing the vouchers you still have to spend.Clubcard


Instantly print vouchers or use the codes online. If you want to spend vouchers online, you simply need to use the code listed, eg, beginning "A6TCD". To spend in-store, print vouchers yourself to use instantly.

Friends and family not online?

If you're telling friends and family how to reclaim lost vouchers, but they don't have internet access, there is another way. Just phone Tesco customer services, and its staff will check whether you have any vouchers to spend. If so, it'll cancel the lost vouchers and add the points onto your balance for your next statement, so you'll get them re-issued.

Here are some MoneySavers who've shown it's worth the effort:

MoneySavers have so far found £32,692.50 in lost Tesco vouchers!
Worth up to £130,770 when converted to Clubcard Rewards vouchers.

"WOW - I've got £413 of unspent vouchers! Double that for Christmas - I think we'll be alright. Or quadruple with Virgin Holidays? Ridiculously excited."

"Almost £600 worth of vouchers going back nearly three years. I knew I had a lot and this new website saved me having to dig though piles of old paperwork."

"Thanks to your article, we found that we had nearly £150 of unclaimed Tesco vouchers! We have already doubled the vouchers' value online, which has been incredibly useful for Christmas."

"Thanks for the tip on checking unused vouchers - just found over £50 worth not used - don't know how that happened but am happy to spend them now!"

Report how much you've found

How many Tesco vouchers have you reclaimed?

Quick questions

How far back can I access unspent vouchers?

Can you use vouchers online straight away?

Can I get a refund on Boost with Clubcard Partner tokens?

Can I trade in cashback for Clubcard points?

Step 2: Boost your points to get max value

Once you've got your stash of points, the challenge is to make the most of them. Spend 500 points on your groceries at the checkout and you'll save a fiver - but spend them in the right way and you can really max their value.

Tesco's Clubcard Boost* scheme allows you to redeem your points for two, three or four times the normal value. You can either convert vouchers into tokens for experiences, restaurants and more, or double your points' value by spending them online in certain departments in-store.

Up to 4x value with Clubcard partners

You can get the biggest boost to your points' value by exchanging vouchers for Clubcard Boost Partner* tokens (these were previously known as Tesco Rewards). They can be spent on days out, restaurants, train tickets and more. It varies, but in some cases you can redeem your points for up to four times their normal value (ie, 500 points gets you £20 in vouchers).

Quick questions

How do I exchange under Clubcard Boost Partners?

Am I really getting three or four times the value?

Here's a rundown of our top 10 deals under the Boost with Clubcard Partners scheme:

NEW: Double value spending WITH TESCO DIRECT and in-store

Alternatively you can double your vouchers' value when spending them online and in certain departments in-store through the Boost at Tesco* scheme. This summer, the promotion also include Tesco Direct*, so this could be a way to grab some seriously cheap electricals (eg, a Kindle Tablet for £45).

Until 8 Sept, you can swap £5 of Clubcard vouchers for £10 of Boost vouchers to spend in-store in the clothes, back-to-school or opticians departments, or online on ANY item sold via Tesco Direct (excluding partner retailers). Tesco Direct's basically Tesco's equivalent of the Argos catalogue, so can buy electrical goods, home furnishing, toys and games and much more there.

What can you buy?

Tesco's run this double points promotion before, but significantly this time it covers all departments on Tesco Direct. Things we think are bargains include a Kindle Fire Tablet (normally £99, so £45 in vouchers), an iPad Mini (normally £249, so £125 in vouchers) and a Moshi Monsters kids' scooter (normally £19.99, so £10 in vouchers).

Here's the full list of what you can spend Boost vouchers on online:

  • Everything on Tesco Direct (excluding products sold by partner retailers), including homewares, electrical appliances, toys and furniture
  • Everything at including menswear, womenswear, school uniforms and baby clothes
  • Opticians online, includes contact lenses, prescription glasses and designer sunglasses

And these are the departments where you can spend them in-store:

  • Clothing, including menswear, womenswear, school uniforms and baby and toddler clothes
  • Back-to-school accessories, including pens, lunch boxes and notepads
  • Hudl and Hudl accessories (the Hudl is Tesco's 7" tablet)
  • Opticians, including prescription glasses, contact lenses and designer sunglasses

How to do it

Here's how to double your points:

  • Shopping in-store. If you want to spend in-store, swap your vouchers either via the Tesco Clubcard* website (log on, pick a department and they'll be emailed to you) or at a special in-store desk where they'll exchange your vouchers on the spot (not Express stores).
  • Shopping online. If you're shopping on Tesco Direct, enter your voucher codes when you get to the checkout and the Boost value will automatically be applied.
  • If you're shopping at Tesco Opticians or, you need to decide in advance how many Clubcard vouchers you want to use in the Boost AND where you want to use them. If you choose to use Boost for the online opticians, your eCoupon can't then be used in-store. Order your Boost eCoupons from the Clubcard website and they will be emailed out within an hour. When you've placed your order, enter the Boost eCoupon code at the checkout to get the savings.

Exclusions apply, so check the Clubcard Boost* terms before exchanging.

There's a £10 minimum spend with Boost vouchers, in-store and online. You can use your vouchers on items that are already on special offer, so look out for 2for1s. You don't have to pay solely in Boost vouchers - you can make up the rest in cash, but if you're doing that, use the MegaShopBot tool to check it wouldn't be cheaper to pay straight elsewhere.

Disagree? Think we've missed something?

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