Burger King MoneySaving hacks

Including £1.99 Whoppers, unlimited refills and how your receipt can get you a 'free' burger

If Burger King takes the crown as your favourite fast food joint (or is one of them), then we've a royal rundown of tips and tricks to help make sure you don't pay a whopper of a price, and get more burger for your buck.

Before we get into it, the Burger King app tends to be where the majority of deals and discounts are found these days, so don't satisfy your Whopper fix without downloading it (available for free on Android/iOS).

Of course, Burger King isn't the healthiest grub so we're not suggesting you go wild with these – please eat responsibly. Finally, an important note on Burger King prices...

As Burger King is a franchise, its prices vary somewhat by location. You may find that the prices we've used below differ slightly from your local restaurant, yet the general principle of each of these MoneySaving tips and tricks should remain the same.

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  1. Get a 'free' Whopper via click and collect

    As an incentive to place your first click and collect order on the app, you can get your hands on a free Whopper (the meat or plant-based version) when you spend at least £3. There isn't a drink or side for £3 exactly – the closest we could find is a side of Cheesy Loaded Fries at £3.49. Add items to your order to get to the £3 mark and you'll bag a free Whopper. 

  2. Get a £7.99 Whopper meal for about £4

    Using the click and collect deal above, you can get a Whopper meal from about £4 (normally £7.99) by just paying for regular fries (£2.29) and a bottle of water (£1.69). This comes to £3.98 and takes you over the £3 threshold to get the burger for free. If you're really committed to MoneySaving (we salute you!), the cheapest drink is an espresso or tea at £1.49, which would get you a meal for £3.78.

  3. Save your receipt and get a £7.99 Whopper or Chicken Royale meal for about £5

    Yes, a paper receipt (how very old school) – but don't cram it in your bag or throw it into the bin, as this acts as your ticket to more free food. On the back of Burger King receipts, you'll find an offer for a 'free' Whopper, Plant-Based Whopper, Chicken Royale or Vegan Royale when you buy a regular drink and regular fries (so you end up with a full meal).

    You'll need to complete a short survey to get a code, then purchase the fries and drink within 30 days of the date on your original receipt.

    To get a cheap Whopper, Plant-based Whopper, Chicken Royale or Vegan Royale meal:

    • Purchase any cheap item from the menu, for example, a tea for £1.49 and keep hold of that receipt as it's your golden ticket. 
    • Or, you could look around for the restaurant tables or on the floors for discarded receipts (no, this isn't scrounging, it's actually called Wombling).
    • On the receipt, there's a link to complete a short online survey. This should only take five minutes, and at the end of the survey you'll instantly be given a code to write down on your receipt to claim the freebie. So you can easily do all of this during a single Burger King visit, though if you'd prefer to do the survey at home you can return to claim the offer at any time within 30 days of your initial purchase.
    • Finally, order a regular fries (£2.29) and the cheapest drink (espresso or tea, £1.49) for £3.78 and hand over the receipt to bag your freebie.

    Factoring in the cost of the £1.49 tea we bought initially, we got a £7.99 Whopper meal for £5.27.

  4. Sign up to the loyalty scheme to get 100 points

    In 2022, Burger King rolled out its new 'Your Burger King' loyalty scheme which you can sign up to via its app (available for free on Android/iOS). You're automatically rewarded with 100 points when you sign up. The 100 points alone aren't enough to redeem any freebies – you’d need to spend £5 to get an additional 50 points required for a free item such as six Chilli Cheese Bites six Nuggets or Vegan Nuggets, or six Onion Rings. But be warned, despite having over 500 locations across the UK, you can only use the new loyalty scheme at 279 of them currently – check the full list on Burger King's website to see if your nearest restaurant is participating.

  5. Loyalty pays – earn points for free food

    With the Burger King loyalty scheme, you get 10 points for every £1 spent. We've done the food maths for you – 300 points (so once you've spent £30) will earn you a free Double Cheeseburger or portion of Nuggets.

    Essentially, the more points you have, the bigger the reward. At most, once you've spent over £80 and have 800+ points, you can claim any of the following items: Bacon Double XL Cheese meal (normally £9.49), Double Whopper meal (normally £9.49), Steakhouse Angus meal (normally £9.89).

    But, as the saying goes, "use it or lose it' – loyalty points will expire after six months from your last eligible purchase so you need to be actively using and scanning the app to ensure you keep your points banked. 

  6. Buy a small drink and refill it for free in some restaurants

    A simple, but useful hack. When you walk into Burger King, have a look to see if that restaurant has a self-service drinks machine – some do and some don't (Burger King says over 200 restaurants have these). 

    If the restaurant does have one, simply order a medium drink (the smallest option) at £2.19. You can refill your drink if you finish it, so there isn't much point paying more for a large (£2.49) – unless of course it comes as part of a meal deal – so go all out and re-fill your boots!

  7. Save by ordering multiple items as bundles, instead of individually

    If you're making an order with family and friends, you could be better off finding a multiple buy offer in the app rather than ordering individual meals. When we looked, you could get two Chicken Royale meals or two Whopper meals for £9.99 – if you ordered these as individual meals, you'd pay £15.98 (both burgers cost £7.99 for a medium meal).

    There are also a couple of family offers on the app from £9.99 and the same principle applies. In this case, you can get a regular meal (such as Whopper, Chicken Royale or Bacon Double Cheeseburger) alongside a King JR meal and six-piece side which would feed one adult and one child. So if you're feeding a family of four, select this meal deal twice and each meal works out at £4.99 each. 

  8. Download the Burger King app for deals, for example £2.99 Chicken Royale

    As we said at the start, the Burger King app is where the best deals can be found. It has a regular selection of offers which work out cheaper than just ordering normally. Although, it's worth noting you cannot use the app at train stations or airports.

    Some we've found include a Chicken Royale or Vegan Chicken Royale for £2.99 (usually £5.99), six Chilli Cheese Bites for £1.99 (normally £2.99) and regular fries for 99p (normally £2.29). Once you've used an offer, it'll disappear from the app, but the list is refreshed every couple of weeks, so that offer may then reappear.

    Usually, Burger King runs a 'Whopper Wednesday' promotion through its app, where you can pick up a Whopper or Plant-Based Whopper burger for just £1.99 (normally £5.99).

    To claim a voucher, simply tap on the offer you want when you're in the restaurant, and show the code that appears on your phone at the till.

    You can only use one voucher per transaction and you won't be able to use another voucher for 15 minutes.

  9. Go plant-based and eat for more than half price

    You can bag a burger for £1.99, every week, twice a week, when you go plant-based. Start the week off with a Meat-Free (and MoneySaving) Monday, where you can get either the Plant-Based Whopper or Vegan Royale for more than half the price (normally £5.99) when you order via the deal in the app (didn't we say the app is the holy grail for deals?).

    On 'Whopper Wednesdays', you've another chance to save as, you guessed it, the Plant-Based Whopper is £1.99. Vegans, be warned however, the Plant-Based Whopper is cooked on the same grill as the meat burgers available at the fast-food chain. 

  10. Check for cheap grub between 2pm and 5pm on weekdays

    A favourite of MSE Oli, every weekday between 2pm and 5pm there's an 'Appy Hour' promotion running on the Burger King app. You can grab selected burgers, including Double Whoppers, Double Bacon XL and more, for £3. 

  11. Look out for Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat codes

    You can get Burger King delivered via takeaway delivery services Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat. These apps often have deals and promo codes, so it could be worth keeping an eye out to see if you can get a discount through them.

    If you're going to order from a delivery app, there are a few things to be aware of:

    • While prices for some online items are the same, others are more expensive. At our local Burger King, you'll pay £1 more for a Whopper meal and 80p more for a Kids' Nuggets meal through Just Eat.
    • Remember to take delivery charges into consideration – even with a code, it could be cheaper to collect the food yourself. 
    • You'll need to check if your local restaurant has a minimum order (many don't, but some require up to a £15 spend).
    • Some items can be excluded from online delivery menus – usually cheaper items such as small fries and hamburgers, so you may not be able to get what you want.

    Check out our 10 takeaway and delivery food tips for more on finding codes and getting the cheapest deal. 

  12. Get free extra gherkins

    Ah, the gherkin – it divides opinion – some love it, some hate it... and we're not just talking about the famous London skyscraper.

    You're probably aware that if gherkins make you gag (or you just don't like 'em), you can ask for them to be removed from your burger. But if you've ever bought a burger and thought, "I wish this had more gherkins", well the good news is you can ask for extra gherkins, and Burger King will add them to your burger for free.

    When we've ordered a standard £1.49 Cheeseburger, it's only had two gherkin slices, but after asking for extra, look how many free gherkin slices we got...

    Can you get other toppings free?

    Unfortunately, not all extra toppings are free – you'll have to pay an extra 70p for more cheese or bacon. But if ketchup, mayo, lettuce, onion or tomato are already in your burger and you fancy extra, it's worth asking if these can be added for free.

  13. Keep an eye out for short-lived 2for1s

    Something we've spotted recently is that when Burger King launches a new menu item, there's often a 2for1 promotion running on it over the weekend. Recently, MSE Oli has spotted this with the Peppercorn Angus burger. So, if you hear of Burger King launching new items, make sure you check the app for deals.

  14. Cash in on student offers

    If you're a university student, you can get your hands on a free flame-grilled Whopper JR (normally £2.49) when you spend £4, every day of the week when you show your Student Beans ID at the till. You can only order this at the till in restaurants – you won't be able to find it on the app. Many items on Burger King's menu cost more than this anyway, so it'll be easy enough to bag your free burger. 

  15. Dodge the sugar tax on drinks

    There's a tax on some sugary fizzy drinks and at Burger King, this is only applied to original 'classic' Coca-Cola (not Diet Coke, nor Coke Zero, Sprite, Fanta or any other drinks). It’ll cost you an extra 13p more for medium, or 16p more for a large. If you don't mind ditching original Coke, you can avoid the tax by ordering any other drink off the menu.

    Of course, fizzy pop in general is never the healthiest of drinks – but if you'll have one, it might as well contain less sugar and be a few pence cheaper.

  16. Get a 'free' Whopper meal with a bag of Doritos

    If Doritos is your crisp of choice, you're in for a treat! They've teamed up with Burger King to create a Whopper flavoured version of the tortilla chips. And in case your hunger for the Whopper isn't satisfied by that alone, you can use the crisp packet to claim a free Whopper meal when purchasing a regular meal using the app in participating Burger King restaurants. You'll just need to find the promo code found in the best before dates box on your packet of Doritos and enter this code on the Offers part of the app until Monday 30 October (see full Ts&Cs here). Essentially, it works a little like a 2for1 deal after you've factored in the cost of the pack of Doritos (from £1.25 for a 70g pack) and the cost of a regular meal (from £7.99). So from £9.24, you could get two regular meals and a bag of crisps. 

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