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Family MoneySaving

55 tips 'n' tricks to save if you've got kids

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Updated 3 Nov 2017

picture of piggy bank family

The cost of raising a child to 21 is estimated at £230,000 – a wail-inducing sum. Yet there are loads of tips 'n' tricks to save.

This is our toy chest of 55 quick tips on how to save money with kids.

The cost of raising a child to 21 is estimated at £230,000 – a wail-inducing sum. Yet whether you're starting a family or in the midst of one, there are loads of tips 'n' tricks to save.

This is our toy chest of 55 quick tips on how to save money with kids, including free TV show recordings, cheap kids' clothes and cheap family travel insurance.

Family MoneySaving Checklist

Don't leave life insurance until it's too late

picture of mother and child under umbrella

In the UK, over 23,000 parents of children under 18 die each year. It's a sobering fact, so life insurance is well worth considering if you've got kids.

If you die, what'd happen to your kids?

If you've assets such as savings or a house, and others you'd like to look after, consider making a will. It's easy to put this off, but it's well worth tackling as soon as possible, both for your kids and for your peace of mind.

You could be due £1,000s in child tax credits

Having kids soon adds up, from new shoes to school trips and more. Tax credits can massively help offset this. They can be worth £1,000s a year.

Get the family in free to TV show recordings

picture of tv camera

If your family often ends up staying in watching Saturday night TV, why not take 'em to see it being recorded?

Family fun for nowt at free museums

picture of knight

If you're looking to educate and entertain the kids at the same time, the Free Museums and Galleries guide is crammed with UK venues that don't charge a penny.

Childcare vouchers can save £1,000s a year

picture of crayons

If you have to fork out for childcare, using special vouchers saves many parents £1,000s a year in tax.

DON'T Google EHICs – go here to get 'em free

picture of EHIC

Whether planning a kids-friendly holiday in Corfu or a couples' trip to Alicante, make sure all the family have up-to-date European Health Insurance Cards (EHICs) to get FREE family medical care on Euro holidays.

Save over £300 on family fuel bills by switching

Picture of energy saving lightbulb

With kids' baths, games consoles, TVs and lights left on, extra heating and more, even small families can face huge fuel bills, leaving many worrying about how to save money. That's why switching to a cheap tariff to save £300+ a year to break the energy loyalty habit is so important.

Switching isn't a big faff. It's the same electricity, same gas, same safety. Only service, billing and price changes.

Cheap Energy Club

Our unique Cheap Energy Club is designed to keep you permanently on the cheapest tariff - fighting the fact most cheap deals only last one or two years before their rates rise. It does this by...

  • Finding you the cheapest deal. If you're already on it, great. If not, it'll help you switch. You usually get £25 cashback on top for a dual fuel switch or £12.50 cashback for switching just gas or electricity.

  • Then constantly monitoring your tariff. Each month, without you doing anything, we do a background comparison to check yours is still cheapest.

  • Alerts you when it's time to switch (again). If you can save by switching either because your rate's changed, or others have, we'll tell you.

Can you take kids on term-time holidays without being fined?

The cost of going away rockets during school holidays, so it's no wonder many are tempted to go during term time. However, each year 10,000s are fined £60 for doing so - in theory, the LEA could skip the fine and prosecute you straightaway, which could mean much higher financial penalties and a criminal record.

For the latest on what you can and can't do see our School Holiday Fines guide.

Do a proper family budget

With family bills, holidays and day-to-day living costs, looking after a family can really stretch your finances. So it's crucial to make sure you're budgeting correctly. First, use the free Budget Planner tool to work out exactly where your cash is going.

Don't chuck best-befores away needlessly

"Yuck" is a word kids say a lot. So teach 'em early that there's usually nowt wrong with eating food after its best-before date.

100,000s miss out on £1,000s for childcare

picture of child in school uniform

Childcare costs can be hefty, yet 100,000s of working parents are missing out on £1,000s of easy cash to help. It's a common misconception that tax credits are for the unemployed.

Use free kids' sports schemes in school hols

picture of boy playing football

Keeping fidgety kids entertained during the school holidays can be exhausting (particularly if they've discovered the golden phrase: "I'm booored!").

Do a 10-min child benefits check-up

A treasure trove of extra cash is available to help families with kids in tow, yet many wrongly assume they aren't eligible. To quickly check, use the Benefits Check Up. Just enter your details to see how much you may be entitled to.

There are masses of benefits available to help families and those on lower incomes and the tool will help check your eligibility for all the main benefits, including council tax and housing benefit, income support and many, many more.

Snaffle cut-price zoo tix with 2for1 deals

picture of lion cubs

Whether you're off to the zoo for education, fun or just the cute factor (the penguins are Martin's favourite!) don't just pay full price on the day.

Your kids CAN afford to go to uni

Don't think the student fees shake-up means uni isn't affordable. Some students won't need to repay at all, others will pay far less than the fees and some will pay back more.

Bag top kids' prezzies for under a fiver

Birthdays and Christmases can be eye-wateringly expensive if you've got kids to buy for. But there's masses of tried-and-tested treats that'll keep them grinning for next to nothing.

Give pocket money as pay to teach cash skills

We're not talking Justin Bieber-sized amounts of income, but pocket money can teach kids to manage their own cash.

Free kids' prescriptions, dental check-ups...

It isn't all bad news when it comes to the cost of family healthcare. Young people can get free prescriptions, dental and optical check-ups across the UK.

Nab cheap kids' clothing in online outlets

picture of happy little girl

Kids have an uncanny ability to grow out of togs they've only just been bought. To help find kids' clothing for less, outlet shops are a handy way to hunt out bargains. These are stores operated by big brands to sell last season's goods at clearance rates – and now many are available online.

Earn up to 4% tax free on kids' savings

Picture of building blocks

It's possible for kids to earn up to 4% in the top savings accounts – but many have cash in accounts that pay dismally. This doesn't just deprive them of interest, but also the chance to learn your money can work for you.

It's a common myth that kids don't pay tax. This isn't true, as they're taxed in exactly the same way as adults.

Yet most children don’t have jobs or earnt income. And for the 2016/17 tax year, if they've no income they can earn up to £17,000 from savings without paying tax on it. Find more, and a full list of best buys in the Children's Savings guide:

Don't just buy theme park tix at the gate

picture of happy kids

Family theme park tickets can be hair-raisingly expensive if you just pack the kids into the car and pay full price on the day. Even a single adult ticket to Alton Towers is £54 at the gate.

£100s available in unclaimed home grants

picture of eco home

Keeping your kids toasty and safe at home needn't mean shelling out more on gas and electricity bills. A mass of funding's available to help increase your family home's value, warmth and economy.

There are several companies offering free loft and cavity wall insulation, and free boilers too. Find full info and how to apply in the Free Insulation and Boilers guide.

There are wads more freebies on offer, especially for those on low incomes. To speedily uncover these crocks of gold, see the Home and Energy Grant Grabbing guide.

Grab a railcard for 1/3 off family train travel

picture of train

Whether it's to visit relatives, go shopping or just for a family day out, if your family often travel by train a railcard can be a good investment. It costs £30, but gets you a third off most standard rail fares across Britain for a year.

Beware paying kids' uni fees upfront

The thought of £9,000-a-year tuition fees has sent chills down many parents' spines but trying to stop your kids from borrowing could waste money.

Specialist young driver cover can cost less

Picture of puppy in car

Once the kids reach that age and start itching to get out on the road, finding affordable car insurance for them can be a nightmare. Even the average cost for a 17-22 year-old is already over £1,400/yr. But it's possible to massively cut this.

Use a shopbot to instantly compare prices

If you often shell out for family entertainment, here's a handy trick to quickly compare prices for family games, DVDs, books and more.

Don't assume junior ISAs are best

Picture of child with piggy bank

Junior ISAs are tax-free savings accounts that six million under-18s can save or invest in per tax year. In 2017/18 the limit is £4,128. They're tax-free until their 18th birthday, when they convert into normal cash ISAs to build a nest egg for adult life.

Downshift your grocery shop & save £1,000+

picture of shopping basket

With TV ads encouraging kids to demand pricey brands, the cost of a family food shop quickly adds up. But many can easily save over £1,000 a year by doing the 'downshift challenge' (no earplugs necessary).

Single parents can get free support

Raising kids on your own can be especially tough. To help, charity Gingerbread offers useful free resources, with factsheets on what to do when a relationship ends, how to enforce child maintenance payments and finding legal help.

It also has a freephone single parent helpline for one-to-one confidential advice and info. It only covers England and Wales, although similar help is available from One Parent Familes Scotland.  

If you live in Northern Ireland, and would like information about benefits or tax, you can contact ‘Advice NI’ on its website or its helpline 0808 802 0020. For general parenting enquiries in Northern Ireland, please contact Parenting NI on 0808 8010 722.

Bag restaurant vouchers for cheaper family meals out

picture of ice cream

Of course, eating in's usually the cheapest way to feed your little monsters. But if you're going for a family meal out, restaurant vouchers are a seriously easy way to save (without anyone going hungry!).

Smoking harms family health and wealth

The MoneySaving gain from quitting isn't just about spending less in newsagents. Many financial products are much pricier for smokers. The health risks are huge, and if you've kids in tow the stakes are much greater.

Try multi-car quotes if you've two or more

If you've two or more vehicles between family or friends in your household (vans could be included but bikes usually aren't), here's a canny trick to insure 'em for less.

Under-5s go free to National Trust venues

National parks, castles and gardens are a great place for an educational trip with the kids on a sunny afternoon. The National Trust looks after hundreds of historic houses, castles, gardens and more, and handily offers free entry to all its properties for under-5s.

Free guide to teach teens cash skills

Picture of Teen Cash Class guide

Companies spend billions of pounds a year on marketing, advertising and teaching staff to sell. But we don't get any "buyers' training", and neither do our kids.

Top cards for under-18s

Picture of Teen Cash Class guide

If you have kids under the age of 18 then a card could be a great alternative to cash to teach them how to spend wisely. Plus, you can set spending limits and monitor what your child is spending on, giving peace of mind too.

Get free cash to study (not just for kids!)

Studying isn't just for kids 'n' teens. Whether you or a family member want to get a degree, learn a new language or even study part time, there may be a grant or free course to help.

Quickly turn old family mobiles into cash

picture of mobile phone

With kids and teens often getting through handsets quickly, families can soon accumilate old, unused mobile phones but there is an easy way to get some cash back.

Switch to boost interest on stagnant savings

If you're building a family nest egg, don't neglect it. With interest rates at horrendous lows, the only way to get a decent amount's to treat your savings a bit like a job.

Get back lost Tesco Clubcard vouchers

picture of Tesco Clubcard

Family homes have a knack for swallowing paperwork, particularly if it's useful. So if you've ever lost Tesco vouchers (or want to check just in case) you can access the codes online to redeem instantly, or get vouchers re-issued.

Should student loans be paid off early?

To help with uni costs, many students take out an official Student Loans Company loan. But it's crucial to realise a loan this cheap shouldn't necessarily be paid off more quickly than necessary. See the Repay My Student Loan? guide to see when it's best to leave it be, plus a nifty tool to calculate how long it'll take to pay off.

Global family travel insurance £39

picture of family on holidayIf you're jetting off on a well-earned family holiday, having the right travel insurance can be extremely useful if something goes wrong but don't pay over the odds.

Fill yer boots with freebies

picture of Freebie Roulette machine

Here's one thing that doesn't change as you grow up... the best things in life are freebies! Use the Freebies directory to get loads of everyday items for free, from nappies and pet food to teabags and tissues.

Pay off debts before saving – debts cost more

If you've found yourself with a family nest-egg and debts to pay, this quick tip will drastically improve the health of your finances. If you have both debts and savings you're seriously overspending. Debts usually cost more than savings earn.

Don't need it? Won't use it? DON'T buy it!

If you've a family to look after, it's likely your wallet's under more pressure than ever before. So before you buy anything, use these money mantras to help keep your cash in your pocket.

Haggle to save £100s on family package hols

picture of kids snorkelling

Package holidays can be great if your family like going to popular holiday destinations, and they often come with handy extras like kids' clubs to boot.

Get paid for your opinion – from home

If you've stayed home to look after kids, doing online surveys could be a handy little earner. It's possible to earn £100s a year from home, without any special skill or talent, by filling in web surveys and online research.

Are you in the wrong council tax band?

picture of house on money bags

There's a chance you may be paying too much for your family home's council tax. Scarily, many homes are in the wrong council tax band, and have been since 1993.

Free high-tech treasure hunts via GPS

picture of knight

If you've a GPS navigation device such as a sat-nav or GPS-equipped mobile phone, you can get instant access to global treasure hunts, known as geocaching. This is a fun, free way to put a smile on kids' faces.

Save money on buying, renting and remortgaging your home

If you're thinking of buying your first family home, the first steps from renting to buying can be daunting.

Cut home costs with 'old style' tips

Our popular Old-Style Forum is full of thrifty tips covering all aspects of home life. From keeping chickens to feeding a family of four for £2, to making homemade fabric conditioner, you'll find a wealth of wisdom. Join in and add your own tips – it won't cost a penny!

There's no NHS for pets – bag the right cover

picture of kitten

Whether you've a family tomcat or tortoise, pet insurance can be very useful. Vet costs can be huge, and you can be liable if your dog injures others (not cats as they're 'free spirits').

Use family talents to cut wedding costs

picture of wedding cake

It's meant to be a fairytale day – but average wedding costs of £27,000 are unbelievable too. Of course, we're not saying you need to get married to have a family! But if you or a family member are getting hitched, there's plenty you can do to save.

Unused gyms, mags & pay-TV waste £1,000s

picture of ball and chain

Many of us have costly family subscriptions for gyms, mags, packaged bank accounts and more, yet rarely or never use them. With time and house moves, we can even forget about 'em altogether.

Do a 60-sec voucher check before you shop

Before your family hit the shops, remember to check the Discount Vouchers page to find the latest vouchers, codes and deals. It's also well worth bookmarking the High Street Sales diary to keep an eye out for seasonal clearances on toys and kids' clothing in your favourite stores.

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