More than three quarters of MoneySavers think we should stop giving Christmas present to friends and colleagues.

There are more Scrooges than Santas about as half believe we should limit buying to immediate family only, while 8% think we should stop giving presents full stop.

A huge 13,600 people responded to last week's poll which asked whether it is time to limit the number of presents given to reduce pressure on those who cannot afford to spend during these tough economic times.

Here are the results:

  • Limit to immediate family, not friends or colleagues – 50%
  • Limit to your kids – 18%
  • Small gifts to a wider circle is fine – 16%
  • Stop giving presents to everyone – 8%
  • Rejoice in giving as many and as big gifts as we can afford – 8%

The poll comes after creator Martin Lewis launched a six-point manifesto to limit Christmas present buying to stop unwanted gifts, and to prevent people misprioritising spending (see Martin's Time to ban Xmas presents? blog).

He adds: "Add it all together and I know there's one word for our logic – Scrooge. Yet the aim isn't to stop festive fun, but to challenge the habitual nature of gift giving.

"Many see it as a chore. Is that really the point, does that help our pockets or our souls?

"Spending time physically making things others appreciate, or even just being more considerate, is perhaps more in keeping with the real spirit of the winter festivals.

"Done right, gifts can create real warmth, but it's time to realise that, done wrong, it can hurt more than it helps. Perhaps the real gift is to release someone from the obligation of buying you a present."

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