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Music fans who download tracks from the same online store could be paying hundreds of pounds a year too much.
31 December 2009
House prices rose by 5.9% in 2009 as the UK property market bounced back from last year's double digit declines, figures show today.
31 December 2009
HSBC bank customers who've had cheques paid into their accounts over the past two weeks could face delays in their cash clearing due to the bad weather.
30 December 2009
Consumers who try to wriggle out of their credit card debts based on a technicality have been dealt a blow after one loophole was closed by the High Court, it is claimed.
30 December 2009
People worried about debt, housing and unemployment can get support from a new NHS helpline launched today.
30 December 2009
The Government has today announced plans to close a legal loophole which enables lenders to repossess people's homes without going to court.
29 December 2009
New guidance to protect consumers buying insurance online was published today.
29 December 2009
Hundreds of companies are trying to con the public by posing as satisfied customers on internet forums.
24 December 2009
Shoppers are today snapping up festive bargains in a frenzy of Christmas Eve panic-buying.
24 December 2009
Thousands of Abbey current account customers are facing delays in receiving salaries, benefits and other funds, following a technical glitch.
23 December 2009

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