Thousands of Halifax and Bank of Scotland (Hbos) customers are missing out on current account cashback due to the lottery of their payday date.

Those on its Reward account are supposed to get £5 per month (after basic rate tax) if they deposit £1,000 per month (see the best Bank Accounts guide).

However, anyone paid early because their usual payday falls on a weekend or bank holiday, and is therefore paid in the preceding month, won't get their £5 if they don't make a separate deposit during the next month.

Hbos's strict rules mean you have to fund your account during the calendar month to get the reward.

Calendar quirk

The way days have fallen in recent months, many customers who are usually paid on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd may have missed out on the bonus.

In November and January, as weekends and bank holidays fell at the start of those months, many would have been paid early.

The same is likely to happen in May as the first and second of the month both fall this weekend, while the 3rd is a bank holiday.

How can you avoid this happening?

The official advice from Hbos, if you're affected, is to ask your employer to make "alternative arrangements" that month.

But this would mean getting paid late, which could trigger further problems.

It would be more practical to move money around yourself via an alternative account to ensure the necessary funds are paid into your current account.

Can you get missed payments back?

Hbos won't refund customers who've not received their £5 previously.

The bank insists it is doing nothing wrong by its terms and conditions.

An Hbos spokeswoman says: "There are no planned changes afoot to deal with the issue."

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