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Lloyds, Halifax and Bank of Scotland customers unable to make Faster Payments

Lloyds, Halifax and Bank of Scotland have apologised to customers after many reported being unable to make payments today

18 January 2019

Mastercard customers to get warnings when free trials end

The new service will come in for all cardholders globally this year

17 January 2019

Gareth Southgate, Danny Dyer and Nicki Minaj among rejected nominees for new £50 note

Other nominees included ex-Manchester City and Rotherham footballer Shaun Goater and 'Rahul from Bake Off'

8 January 2019

Bank of Scotland, Halifax, Lloyds and Santander planning to let you block gambling transactions

At least four more high street banks - the Bank of Scotland, Halifax, Lloyds and Santander - are working on plans to help customers restrict their spending on gambling, after Barclays became the first to do so last month

4 January 2019

'I paid in pounds... but RBS charged me overseas fees'

RBS and Natwest customers who use their debit cards on flights and ferries have been warned to watch out for unexpected charges, after a Virgin Atlantic passenger was stunned to find a 'foreign purchase fee' added to transactions made in pounds

24 December 2018

Santander fined £32 million for failing families of deceased customers

The financial regulator has fined Santander £32.8 million for failing to process customers' accounts and investments effectively after they died

19 December 2018

Fixed daily and monthly overdraft charges set to be banned

New rules proposed by the FCA mean the price for each overdraft will be a simple, single interest rate – no fixed daily or monthly charges

18 December 2018

New rules to allow fraud victims to complain to the bank receiving their cash

Scam victims who have been tricked into transferring money directly to a fraudster will soon have stronger powers to complain about the bank that received the money, rather than just their own bank

14 December 2018

Barclays lets customers block gambling transactions

Barclays has today become the first UK high street bank to allow you to block payments to certain categories of retailer, such as gambling services and premium rate websites and phone lines, in a bid to help vulnerable customers

11 December 2018

Lloyds, Halifax and Bank of Scotland now let you track spending via Google Maps

Lloyds, Halifax and Bank of Scotland have started allowing customers to track where they've been spending with a new Google Maps feature

28 November 2018

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