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You don't need a polling card to vote

Update: 7 May 2015: The UK's going to the polls today. This article was first written in 2010 but the information is still correct – in England, Scotland and Wales, you don't need your polling card. However if you're voting in Northern Ireland, you need to take ID with you.

Since the last General Election in 2010, the craze of 'selfies' has swept across the country. The Electoral Commission says you can take pictures before you go into or after you leave the polling station, but if you take a picture inside, it could breach the law. This is because a photo of a ballot paper would be information 'obtained in a polling station' and if shared, for example on social media, it could breach 'secrecy requirements'.

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If you want to vote today but don't have a polling card, fear not, you can vote without it.

Today is the General Election, a chance for you to shape the future of Britain and have your vote counted (see the Election 2010: The biggest consumer decision of the year news story).

Many may be put off from voting because they don't have a polling card, haven't received it in the post or have simply mislaid it. However, don't worry, you can turn up at your local polling station without your card (although if you have got it, take it with you).

As long as you're registered on the electoral roll and go into the polling station and give your name and address, you will be able to vote. It is advisable, if possible, to go in with ID and/or proof of address.

Martin Lewis, creator of, says: "It is quite bizarre that you need far less ID to vote than to open a bank account or get a residents' parking permit, but that's the way it is.

"Turn up, tell them your name and address, and your suffrage is assured. So if you've forgotten your card don't let it put you off voting."

Where to find your local polling station

Your polling station is usually a local hall or school, but if you're unsure where to go to vote visit: where is my local polling station?

From this website, you'll need to contact your local elections office.

Step-by-step guide to do this:

  • Step 1: Enter your postcode to confirm your local council.

  • Step 2: Click contact at the top of the page.

  • Step 3: Scroll down and the telephone number for your local Electoral Registration Officer will appear at the bottom right. Call up and you'll be told where to go.

Happy voting!

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