Tomorrow is election D-Day. It's not just about the economy and taxation. How you vote affects services like health, education, street cleaning, the environment, policing & more ...

  • Can you name your MP? To speedily find your sitting MP, their party and how long they've been in office, enter your postcode at TheyWorkForYou.

  • Check voting records & expenses. TheyWorkForYou also shows what they've done in Parliament & what they've claimed for.

  • Find out more about your constituency's candidates. The YourNext MP site lists all local candidates and has many election leaflets online.

  • What'd it take to topple (or keep) your MP? The BBC's constituency search lists the last general election's voting results, so you can see who came second & what it'd take to shift or keep them, or work out a tactical vote.

  • What are the parties' MoneySaving policies? Read the full MSE Leaders' Debate for leaders' views on petrol prices, mortgages, bank charges & more.

  • Take a look at the manifestos. Read the Conservative, Green, Labour, Lib Dem, Plaid, SNP & UKIP pitches and promises.

  • Web tools to help you pick a party. Several Q&A websites place you on the political spectrum. For quick, slick questions by academics, use VoteMatch or a more thorough, hobbyist site is MyVoteAdvisor.

  • Who don't you want to win? Try the vote against poll.

  • What do they do with our cash? Take the MSE Election Quiz to see where they spend our £620bn or play C4's Chop or Not to try and cut the deficit.

Politicians aren't as bad as you think ... vote for someone

You don't often hear this, but even after all the scandals, having met and co-operated with politicians of all parties in recent times, I believe most are decent people of conscience who want to improve others' lots.

So while it's easy to denigrate and deride, if we don't vote, what right do we have to complain? If you desperately feel the need to protest against them, register your distaste by turning up and spoiling your ballot. It's a far stronger message than not voting (see re-open nominations blog).