Cadbury Dairy Milk is the UK's favourite chocolate bar, according to our poll of over 14,000 users.

Users were asked to select their favourite three bars from a list of nearly fifty popular options, from Aero to Yorkie.

The news comes as many will today kick back with a cuppa and a chocolate treat for the sixth bank holiday of the year.

Top of the chocs

Here are the ten most popular chocolates that got a mention by users.

  1. Dairy Milk 2,168 votes (15.5% of users)
  2. Galaxy 1,927 votes (13.5%)
  3. Snickers 1,563 votes (11%)
  4. Wispa 1,501 votes (10.65)
  5. Double Decker 1,456 votes (10.3%)
  6. Crunchie 1,443 votes (10.2%)
  7. Fruit & Nut 1,331 votes (9.4%)
  8. Twirl 1,184 votes (8.3%)
  9. Bounty 1,164 votes (8.2%)
  10. Flake 1,136 votes (8%)

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Martin Lewis, creator of and Consumer Chomp-ion, says: "As treats go, a quick bar of chocolate to brighten up a miserable day is a financially efficient move, as most are still available for substantially less than a pound. We wanted to see which one is the champion.

"It's interesting to note the winner was far from the priciest bar out there. Dairy Milk is fervently crowned queen of the chocolate bars; it seems support for the traditional British brand still rides high, even though Cadbury is now owned by an American company."