One million households are now using's free Cheap Energy Club to fight back against excessive gas and electricity costs, just a year and a day after it launched.

The club's designed to take the hard work out of switching energy suppliers, and to help ensure you get the best price for your energy.

Unlike a typical comparison site, which finds the current cheapest option, the club checks your existing deal, helps you switch if needed, and then constantly monitors your tariff – alerting you when it's time to change. 

It also counters short-term deals, which are designed to attract consumers, but often end with you paying a higher rate if you forget to switch again.

If you aren't a member yet, you can join the 3,000 who sign up each day at

Over the next year it will start to target bespoke 'collective switch' deals for users, to help customers undercut even the cheapest deals available.

Websites could act on consumers' behalf

Martin Lewis, founder of, says: "Cheap Energy Club is a forerunner of Consumer Web 2.0. Currently websites provide information, in the future it's likely sites will simply act as people's agents to find them the best deal. The club's a halfway house to that and it's proved more popular and successful than I could've imagined.

"This should wave a red flag, not just at energy firms, but at all consumer-facing UK businesses. Once this model rides out across banking, insurance, telecoms and more, it will mean they'll struggle to rely on apathy, inertia and ignorance to fuel profits. For if they try that, people will simply be automatically moved away from their services."