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Millions of 4G smartphone owners may be due up to £30 payout after claims handset prices were inflated

Around 29 million 4G Apple and Samsung smartphone owners in the UK could be entitled to a payout of up to £30 if a collective action case by Which? is successful - although there are no guarantees. It comes after the consumer group claimed inflated manufacturing costs were passed onto consumers

20 May 2022

Energy price cap set to change every three months and cheaper switchers' deals effectively kiboshed under new plans unveiled by Ofgem

The energy price cap, which governs what most pay for their energy, is set to change every three months from October under plans announced by Ofgem today. The regulator also revealed it will also make the 'market stabilisation charge' harsher. This is a charge levied on firms acquiring new customers, which will make it harder for suppliers to undercut the price cap with cheaper fixed deals.

16 May 2022

30% of British Gas, Octopus & Shell Energy customers say their direct debits have DOUBLED

At least 30% of British Gas, Octopus Energy and Shell Energy customers who were in credit and on price-capped tariffs told that they've seen their direct debits double – even though the price cap rise is half that, at 54%.

9 May 2022

Vodafone offers £10 mobile Sim deal to millions more households on benefits - but there ARE cheaper deals

Vodafone's Voxi brand has expanded who is eligible for its discounted mobile tariff to include those claiming disability living allowance (DLA) and personal independent payments (PIP).

13 April 2022

Energy bill hikes hit millions as price cap rises by an average £700/year – what you need to know

We've been warning about big energy price hikes for months, but the harsh reality hits home today (Friday 1 April), as about 22 million households will see a massive jump of an average £700/year on their energy bills, as the new price cap kicks in – with most suppliers pricing their standard tariffs on or near the max allowed. Unfortunately, due to the dire state of the energy market, most still can't save by switching.

5 April 2022

Energy firms confirm new rates under the new price cap – see what your supplier will charge

Biggies such as British Gas, E.on and Scottish Power have hiked their standard tariffs to the maximum allowed under the cap.

15 March 2022

Millions of BT, EE, Plusnet, Shell, TalkTalk and Vodafone customers to be hit with price hikes of up to 9.3% - here's all you need to know

Millions of BT, EE, Plusnet, Shell, TalkTalk and Vodafone customers will be hit with price hikes of up to 9.3% this spring. All of the telecoms providers use December's consumer prices index (CPI) rate of inflation, as announced this week, to determine increases...

9 March 2022

British Gas is the worst firm to be moved to if your energy firm goes bust, MSE survey of 12,000 people shows

Over two million households have been switched to a new energy supplier after their previous provider went bust.

7 March 2022

Royal Mail U-turn means Christmas stamps CAN still be used after 2023 despite shift to barcode system

The postal service had initially announced, as part of a wider shake-up, that Christmas stamps would be replaced by new barcoded versions from 31 January 2023.

4 March 2022

Prepay for your energy? You could keep today's cheaper rates for a little longer – here's how

Many with older prepayment meters could potentially delay the upcoming price hikes and keep the cheaper rates under the current price cap for a little longer.

1 March 2022