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Plusnet Mobile user? Switch to another provider ASAP to avoid losing your number

If you're still using a Plusnet Mobile Sim, you need to switch away as soon as possible – particularly if you want to keep the same phone number – as the provider is closing down this month.

We've known about Plusnet Mobile's plans to shut down since May 2023, when it stopped selling Sim deals to new users (it never offered handset deals) – though at the time the firm hadn't yet specified the exact timings.

The closure is happening to make way for EE to become the BT Group's main mobile brand (the BT Group owns both EE and Plusnet). Plusnet's broadband and home phone services are not impacted and will continue as normal.

Your Plusnet Mobile Sim will stop working this month

Existing Plusnet Mobile users will lose access to their service from their June billing date. This will vary by customer, though you should have been given at least 30 days' notice.

After the switch-off, you'll no longer be able to use your Sim card to make calls (other than emergency 999 calls), send texts or access the internet.

Plusnet wouldn't tell us how many customers are affected, but it says more than nine in 10 (92%) have already moved providers.

Want to keep your number? Act NOW

You'll have 40 days from your June billing date to complete your switch to a new provider and keep your phone number. After that, you'll no longer be able to transfer your existing mobile number to a new firm – it'll be gone for good.

So here's what you need to do – the same process applies if you're switching to EE:

  1. Find a new deal. Plusnet Mobile uses the EE network signal (also known as piggybacking) and it's offering users exclusive deals to switch across to EE. It wouldn't tell us the exact details of these deals, though it says most can get EE Sim-only deals at no extra cost or better value than their current Plusnet Mobile offer. Plusnet Mobile's website says users can get 30-day EE Sims from £4 a month.

    However, just because you're offered a deal, it doesn't mean it's the cheapest out there. Use our Cheap Mobile Finder tool to compare the latest deals and find the best one for you. For example, at the time of writing you can get a 12-month Sim with 5GB of data, unlimited calls and texts for an equivalent £2.50 a month after factoring in sign-up incentives.

    If you're keen to keep EE's signal when you switch, other networks that piggyback off it include 1pMobile, Utility Warehouse, and Your Co-op.

  2. Request a switching code by text. Simply text PAC for free to 65075 and you'll be sent your 'porting authorisation code' (PAC) immediately via text.

  3. Give the code to your new provider within 30 days. The switch should happen within one working day. You WON'T be charged any early exit fees to switch, even if you're mid-contract.

    When you switch, your service will be cancelled and you'll be told by Plusnet if there are any outstanding charges and the date you'll need to pay these by.

    You can contact Plusnet to ask about any fees and contract details by calling 0800 079 1133. This line will be open for a "period of time" after the 40 days. The same applies to your account, including billing details. However, you might want to consider downloading copies of bills or getting in touch with Plusnet sooner, rather than later. 

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