Thorpe Park is to release a further 4,000 12p tickets to those who missed out last month after a technical fault meant the theme park's high-profile ticket promotion started earlier than advertised. However, you'll need to have actually entered your details at around 10am on the day the deal went live to be eligible – others who missed out won't be so lucky.

On 25 March the theme park was supposed to release 1,871 12p tickets at 10am, to promote the opening of a new Derren Brown Ghost Train ride. But the tickets actually went on sale a few minutes early and were quickly snapped up, meaning those who tried to look for tickets at 10am were left empty-handed.

The deal was featured widely in the national media and also included in our weekly email. We were contacted by a number of bargain hunters who were furious they'd missed out, and we urged Thorpe Park to do something to help the thousands who missed out.

Now it's said those who entered their details on the day but were told tickets had sold out will be eligible to be entered into a prize draw for a further 4,000 12p Thorpe Park tickets next Monday (18 April).

Who'll be entered into the new prize draw?

Here it gets a little tricky.

  • If you logged on to the Thorpe Park site on the day, entered your details and got a page telling you tickets were sold out, you WILL be automatically eligible for the prize draw. Thorpe Park says you'd have been able to do this until shortly after 10am on the day – which is when the deal was supposed to go live.

    If you didn't opt out of receiving Thorpe Park's marketing emails when you signed up, you should have got an email on Monday this week confirming you'll be automatically entered into the draw. If you did opt out of Thorpe Park's marketing emails, you should get an email today or tomorrow and will then need to follow the instructions to enter the draw.
  • If you logged on to the website and were met with a 'Sold out' page before you were given a chance to enter your details, you WON'T be entered into the prize draw. Thorpe Park says this official 'Sold out' page only went up at some point after 10am on 25 March, though it won't say exactly when.

Unfortunately, Thorpe Park won't tell us how many people are eligible for the prize draw.

Second chance to bag 12p Thorpe Park tickets for frustrated thrill-seekers

What happens next?

The prize draw will be held on Monday by an independent adjudicator, and those who are successful will be contacted. We've asked Thorpe Park if it'll also let those who aren't successful know, and who you should contact if you have any questions about the prize draw, and will update this article when we hear back.