Tax credit claimants who say their benefits were wrongly stopped by HM Revenue & Customs contractor Concentrix will tell their stories to MPs at a parliamentary evidence session tomorrow (Thursday 13 October).

The cross-party Work and Pensions Committee has organised an evidence session in Parliament where MPs, HMRC and Concentrix will hear from people who have appealed against a decision by the US-based firm, after claims hundreds have had payments incorrectly ended. previously revealed that around 2,000 appeals against tax credit cuts are being examined in the wake of HMRC's decision not to renew its contract with Concentrix, which was hired to cut tax credit fraud.

HMRC chief executive Jon Thompson and director general of benefits and credits Nick Lodge will appear alongside four tax credit claimants in the parliamentary session, along with Concentrix senior vice president Philip Cassidy.

MoneySavingExpert's coverage of the Concentrix debacle led to us being contacted by parliamentary officials in a bid to help them find wronged tax credit claimants to speak at the hearing.

How can I watch the session?

You'll be able to tune in live to Parliament TV. The session will start at 11.30am and will run until early afternoon.

What does the committee hope to find?

Frank Field MP, chair of the committee, says: "It is important that the select committee begins the public process of learning what exactly has been happening during Concentrix's stewardship.

"Once we have done so, we will then be inviting the Government to act on this information so that tax credit claimants in future will not be left penniless through no fault of their own."

What other investigations are happening in relation to Concentrix?

Another select committee – the Treasury Committee – has said it will call on HMRC and Concentrix to give evidence after the "huge amount of distress caused".

The National Audit Office (NAO) also recently announced it would carry out an investigation into HMRC's contract with Concentrix. This investigation, which will take place this winter, will review the performance of Concentrix and how HMRC has managed the contract, including HMRC's decision not to extend the contract.

If you would like to provide evidence for the investigation you can email the NAO team on, putting 'HMRC's contract with Concentrix study' in the subject line. The NAO has said that while it will consider all evidence provided, it may not be able to respond.