Sainsbury's has apologised after selling the same style of Valentine's Day card at two different prices - charging £2 for a card to give to your wife, but £2.50 for a card to give to your husband.

Eagle-eyed shopper Julie Marlow tweeted an image of the two cards side-by-side yesterday morning, and asked Sainsbury's: "Why do I have to pay 50p more for a card for my husband than he has to spend for virtually the same card?"

Both two cards have the same white background, feature images of felt dogs and a felt heart, and are part of the Sainsbury's Home range. But the card titled "For My Wife" was priced at £2, while the card titled "For My Husband" was 50p more expensive.

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'Usually love your cards, but what's going on here?'

Julie's original tweet can be seen below:

The Sainsbury's Twitter account later replied to Julie saying it "didn't seem right".

A Sainsbury's spokesperson told MoneySavingExpert: "We appreciate this error being brought to our attention. Both designs are now available in store for £2."

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