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Budget 2023: Childcare support to be boosted for children from nine months and for parents on universal credit – here's what you need to know

The announcements form a package of new measures designed to help parents, revealed by the Chancellor in today's Budget.

22 March 2023

NHS prescription costs in England to rise by 30p to £9.65 an item from April

The cost of prescription 'season tickets', which let you prepay for multiple prescriptions over a set period, is also rising.

10 March 2023

All London primary age children to get free school meals for a year from September – here's what we know

Every primary age child in London will get free school meals in the 2023/24 academic year, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has announced – though the full details of how the new scheme will work in practice are yet to be confirmed.

20 February 2023

Pregnant or have a child under four? Check if you can get £17+ a month to help with food costs as over 200,000 are missing out

If you're pregnant or have a child under the age of four, and you're on a low income, you may be eligible for a Healthy Start prepaid card offering at least £4.25 a week to spend on healthy food, milk and vitamins.

2 February 2023

Martin Lewis: Ouch – how much should parents give or save for their children's university costs?

If you're a parent thinking about how you might be able to help your child with their university costs,'s founder Martin Lewis has an important warning for you, which he shared in the latest episode of ITV's The Martin Lewis Money Show Live.

1 February 2023

More cold weather payments triggered in England and Wales – can you get £75 towards your energy bills?

Cold weather payments worth £25 have now been triggered for residents in over 500 postcode areas in England and Wales, as last week's cold snap continues.

23 January 2023

Scottish child payment increased to £25 a week from today and more families can now get it – here’s how to apply

If you live in Scotland and claim certain means-tested benefits, and you have children under 16, you can now claim £25 a week per child in 'Scottish child payment'. The benefit has been extended to reach more families, while the amount you can claim has also been boosted. Over 400,000 children could now be eligible.

14 November 2022

Children in Wales in reception, year one and year two to get free school meals by April 2023 - here's all you need to know

All reception year schoolchildren in Wales will start receiving free meals from September this year, with pupils in year one and year two to get free meals by April 2023, the Welsh Government has announced. It's expected that all 200,000 primary school children in Wales will receive free school meals by 2024.

7 September 2022

A-level results warning: putting off uni until next year could cost £10,000s more

School leavers getting their A-Level results this week should be aware that deferring for a year means they'll be on the new student finance system coming in England in September 2023, and will repay their loan for a much longer period, potentially costing £10,000s more.

16 August 2022

Need to buy school uniform? Check if you can get a grant of up to £200 to help with the cost

We've searched through council websites to find which offer it – check to see if you're eligible and what you could get.

16 August 2022