M&S Bank has apologised after it sent customers who renewed their home insurance £40 worth of vouchers - only to then say they couldn't use them.

Several M&S customers have told MoneySavingExpert.com they were sent the vouchers after renewing their home insurance with the bank last month - but days later were told the vouchers were "sent in error" and were "invalid".

It's unclear exactly what went wrong, but M&S Bank is only offering £40 in vouchers to customers who buy a NEW combined buildings and contents policy before 27 September.

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'It's very, very unlikely I'll renew again'

We've spoken to several M&S bank customers who were sent the vouchers after renewing, but then were told these vouchers weren't valid.

  • Andrew Jarvis told us: "I renewed in May for about the tenth time. I received the letter with the vouchers couple of weeks ago as 'reward for loyal customer' type of thing and then get that email saying it was a mistake and wasn't even offered a compensatory free cup of coffee. It's not good at all.

    "It's very, very unlikely I'll renew again - I would rather they had never offered them in the first place as it is proper kick in the teeth. £40 is not small change."
  • Kirsty Maguire told us she wasn't expecting the vouchers but was initially delighted to receive them.

    She said: "We just got it sent through the post as our insurance renewed automatically. We got the vouchers and were chuffed, but then four days later we got sent an email saying they sent them in error. It's very rude I think."
  • Jonathon Wardman told us he wasn't expecting the voucher and thought they were probably intended for new customers, but that M&S Bank had sent them to everyone by mistake.

    He said: "I certainly wasn't expecting the vouchers, so it was a nice surprise when they arrived. For what it's worth from what I found out looking into it briefly this morning, it looks like it's an offer for new customers and they have sent it to everyone who renewed as well by mistake."

What does M&S Bank say?

On social media, M&S Bank has told customers that as soon as it was aware that the vouchers were invalid and sent in error, it let customers know.

It has said "sorry" to customers that have been left disappointed.

An M&S Bank spokesperson said: “We incorrectly sent a mailing, including a voucher, to some customers who have recently renewed their home insurance, these customers weren’t offered any vouchers as a reward at the point of renewal and therefore weren’t expecting to receive the mailing, we have contacted customers to apologise for the error.”