B&Q will no longer accept new members for its over-60s' Diamond Club discount scheme from Monday 3 September - and will restrict the offer to gardening products.

Over-60s can currently get 10% off all B&Q products in store on a Wednesday if they are members of the Diamond Club - but from 3 September the discount is being reduced to around 10,000 gardening products.

If you're over 60 and want to get a Diamond card, you need to get one in store before 3 September.

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How do I get a Diamond Club card?

Diamond cards are only available in store - you can't get them online.

When you go to get one, take ID with you as you might be asked to provide proof of age.

I'm a Diamond Club card holder - what will I be able to use my card for?

B&Q has assured us that it is NOT closing its Diamond card scheme - so your card will continue to work, although the benefits of the card are being reduced significantly.

The 10% discount on Wednesday's will cover over 10,000 gardening products, which B&Q says are the favourite items of Diamond Club members - rather than its entire range of products.

This will include: plants and seeds, garden hand and power tools, compost, plant feeds, fertilisers and pest controls, hoses and watering accessories, plant pots and garden ornaments, garden furniture and BBQs.

Registered Diamond Card customers will also continue to receive email vouchers, which often give discounts.

What does B&Q say?

B&Q claims it will be investing over £100 million this year in lowering prices for all of its customers.

Paul White, trading director at B&Q, said: "Customers of all ages want to have prices they can trust, and as industry leaders it's our responsibility to look after their best interests by ensuring our customers get our most competitive price. That’s why we’re simplifying our pricing - reducing the number of deals and reviewing our loyalty benefits – to make our prices clear, transparent and trusted."

The B&Q Club which gives members a £5 off £30 voucher and money-off vouchers when they use their membership card in store will continue as normal.