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Police issue warning over cold callers 'posing as MoneySavingExpert staff'

Police have issued a warning over cold callers who are pretending to be from We NEVER do any doorstep selling or make cold calls asking for your financial information – here's what's happened and what to watch out for.

West Yorkshire Police says it has received reports from residents who have been visited by cold callers claiming to be from MoneySavingExpert, wanting to talk to them about ways to reduce their household bills. It warned people to be vigilant and not allow these cold callers into their home if they ask to use the facilities.

The force warned there has been a rise in distraction burglaries, where crooks pose as officials to get into people's homes and then steal from the properties.

We never knock on anyone's door – if you're concerned you may have been a victim, contact the police on 101, or 999 if you believe you're at immediate risk.

What do the police say?

West Yorkshire Police is warning residents to be vigilant, and watch out for their elderly and vulnerable neighbours.

West Yorkshire Police warning over distraction burglars

In its doorstep crime advice section, the force says to check:

  • Are your doors and windows locked?

  • Ask yourself: are you expecting anyone?
  • Does the caller have ID?

  • Does their ID check out if you call the firm they are supposedly from (by finding the number yourself).

It says if there is any doubt, keep them out!

See our Stop Cold Callers guide to print a 'free no cold callers' sign.

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