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Starbucks suspends use of reusable cups due to coronavirus fears – but you can still get a discount if you take one

Coffee giant Starbucks has said it will temporarily stop filling customers' reusable cups in a bid to combat the spread of coronavirus – but it will still honour its 25p discount for customers who bring one along.

Many coffee shops offer discounts to customers who take their own reusable cup to fill, rather than using a paper takeaway version  MSE Rhiannon's Pay £1, get up to 50p off most Costa, Pret & Starbucks drinks EVERY time blog has a full list.

Starbucks offers a discount of 25p to customers who take their own cups, and adds on a 5p charge for those who take away their drinks in a paper cup. This means you effectively save 30p on your drink by taking your own container.

Starbucks has now announced it's pausing the use of personal cups "out of an abundance of caution".

However, MoneySavers won't lose out. If you show staff a reusable cup you've bought, you'll still get the 25p discount off your drink  it will just be served in a paper cup regardless. And the wider 5p premium charged on disposable cups is being suspended, as customers won't have the option to use a reusable one.

Starbucks says it has also introduced 'extra cleaning' measures for its ceramic cups and other crockery used by customers who consume food or drink in-store.

Costa and Greggs, which also offer discounts for customers who take reusable drinks containers, have no plans to stop filling customers' personal cups.

If you're worried about coronavirus and its effects on travel, insurance and more, find all the help you need at our Covid-19 Coronavirus guide.

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