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Nectar cardholders can now convert points to Avios - here's how

Nectar cardholders can now exchange loyalty points for Avios points, and vice versa. It comes after a similar partnership between the frequent flyer points programme and Tesco's Clubcard scheme ended earlier this month. However, this is largely a worse deal for Avios collectors.

Below we round-up the key details. You can also read our Loyalty Points Boosting guide on how Nectar and Clubcard work, and see our 31 tricks to boost and max Avios (which is the underlying points currency for the British Airways and other frequent flyer schemes).

You can now swap Nectar points for Avios, eg, 400 Nectar points = 250 Avios

Here's how the new scheme, which launched on 25 January, works and how to use it:

  • You can convert a minimum 400 Nectar points to 250 Avios. From then on you earn points at the same rate, eg, 800 Nectar = 500 Avios, 1,200 Nectar = 750 Avios. Plus, if you convert 1,600 Nectar points before 14 February you'll also get a bonus 500 Avios as well.

  • To convert points, you need to link your Nectar and British Airways Executive Club accounts. This can be done on either the Nectar or British Airways Executive Club website. If you're not currently a member of either scheme, you can join either for free. Avios can be spent with British Airways (BA) and a few other airlines, so once you have BA Avios points you can also later convert them into Iberia and Aer Lingus Avios points, for example.

    You can also set up an auto-conversion, meaning your entire balance will be converted weekly in increments of a minimum 400 Nectar points to 250 Avios or vice versa. 

You can also convert Avios into Nectar points, eg, 250 Avios = 400 Nectar points

You can convert a minimum 250 Avios to 400 Nectar points, with swaps in other amounts of Avios at the same rate. You can also set up an automatic conversion for a minimum 250 Avios to Nectar a week.  

This could be useful with travel on hold for most, for the foreseeable future, as some may prefer to have Nectar points which can be spent now. It may also help those with cashflow problems to have the Nectar points to spend on grocery shopping at Sainsbury's. 

The new partnership isn't as generous as the previous Tesco scheme for Avios collectors, but some will win

  • The losers. Under the Tesco/Avios partnership, which ended on 18 January, shoppers could convert Clubcard points to Avios at a higher rate of 250 points for 600 Avios - and you'd need to spend £250 at Tesco to get 250 Clubcard points. Now, if you spend £250 at Nectar-partnered retailers, such as Sainsbury's, and Argos, they'd typically only be worth the equivalent of 156.25 Avios - though you can often boost Nectar points using various promotions. 

  • The winners. However, the new scheme will be beneficial for Avios collectors who are loyal Sainsbury's or other Nectar partner shoppers who may not have previously earned via their grocery shopping. Plus, as we say above, you can convert points from Avios to Nectar, whereas you previously couldn't do so from Avios to Clubcard. 

Why has Avios switched from Tesco to Nectar?

Tesco told us the move was British Airways' decision but BA wouldn't confirm or deny this, and therefore its motives are unclear. 

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