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Ban on rental evictions extended until end of May

A ban on bailiff-enforced rental evictions in England, which was introduced at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, has been extended again until 31 May 2021. 

The announcement means eviction notices can't be given until 1 June 2021. The Government had already extended the ban several times before extending it further to this new deadline. For further details, see our Coronavirus Finance & Bills Help guide.

Landlords are required to give six months' notice to tenants before starting possession proceedings, except in the most serious circumstances. This means most renters served notice from 1 June 2021 onwards can stay in their homes until at least 1 December 2021. The idea is to give people time to find alternative support or accommodation.

But exemptions to this six-month notice period remain in some circumstances, such as illegal occupation, anti-social behaviour and arrears of six months' rent or more. Here, notice periods vary – for example, if you've used the property illegally you can be given immediate notice to leave, while if you've got six months of arrears you have four weeks. The temporary ban on evictions also doesn't apply in these cases, as eviction hearings restarted in England and Wales in September 2020.

Scotland and Wales introduced similar measures banning eviction orders until 31 March 2021 – though these may be extended further still – while in Northern Ireland, landlords need to give 12 weeks' notice before eviction.

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