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Martin Lewis: Are house prices, mortgage rates and rent costs about to rise or fall? Here's what happens next

Are you buying a home, remortgaging or renting, and trying to plan your next steps? founder Martin Lewis explains what could change over the next year in the latest episode of ITV's The Martin Lewis Money Show Live.

29 January 2024

Mortgage rates are falling – five-year fixes to drop under 4%. But will they get cheaper?

Mortgage rates are falling – 5-year fixes to drop under 4%. But will they get cheaper?

16 January 2024

Two-year fixed mortgages drop below 5% for the first time in months – but should you fix now?

Rates on two-year fixed mortgage deals have dipped below 5% for the first time in five months. But brokers believe fixed deals could get even cheaper – so should you fix now or hold out?

14 November 2023

Martin Lewis: Chancellor needs to fix dead duck Lifetime ISAs to stop first-time buyers being fined to access their own money

Young savers should not be essentially fined – and lose their hard-saved cash – when they purchase homes above the scheme's £450,000 limit.

6 November 2023

Mortgage rates fall as Bank of England unexpectedly holds UK rates – so should you fix?

Interest rates on fixed mortgage deals have been edging down over the past few weeks with some five and 10-year fixes now at below 5%.

26 September 2023

Bank of England increases base rate to 5.25% - here's how it impacts your mortgage and savings

The Bank of England has increased the base rate from 5% to 5.25% - its highest level in over 15 years.

9 August 2023

Fixing your mortgage for 10 years or more is now CHEAPER than a two-year fix – but should you lock in your mortgage rate for the long term?

Fixing your mortgage rate for 10 years is now significantly cheaper than two and five-year deals – even the UK's only 25-year fix has a lower rate than the top two-year fix.

11 July 2023

Martin Lewis: My mortgage conversation with the Chancellor – and why banks should come to the public's aid

In an urgent private meeting on mortgages with Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, and in a separate conversation with Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves, founder Martin Lewis has stressed the need for proper forbearance measures for struggling mortgage holders, and the need for banks not to ramp up their profit margins.

21 June 2023

Fixed mortgage rates rising as inflation higher than expected – here's what's happening and why you might want to consider fixing now

While no-one has a crystal ball, experts believe fixed mortgage rates are likely to continue increasing while inflation remains high.

31 May 2023

Leeds becomes first mortgage lender to use Netflix, Spotify and council tax payments to 'boost' home loan chances – here's how it works

Leeds Building Society has become the first in the UK to start using payment data recorded on Experian Boost when considering home loan applications.

16 May 2023