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Millions of leaseholders to get new rights which could save £10,000s

Millions of homeowners in England will be given a new right to extend their lease by up to 990 years and not have to pay any ground rent, while extending a lease or buying a freehold will also become cheaper for many, under sweeping new Government reforms

7 January 2021

Martin Lewis urges MPs to free mortgage prisoners, warning coronavirus is set to trap even more households

Martin Lewis has called on the Government to act to help "mortgage prisoners" as he gave evidence to the Treasury Committee about the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic, warning that more households could become trapped as a result of the crisis

10 December 2020

First mortgage prisoners FREED under new affordability rules after MSE campaign

One of the first homeowners to be released has told us he's saving almost £500/month as a result

24 November 2020

Only the Government can release the 250,000 mortgage prisoners it's failed - and coronavirus is a tipping point, so not acting now could devastate lives

A landmark report commissioned by has put forward eight practical policy solutions to free 'mortgage prisoners', which the Government has committed to reviewing

10 November 2020

Accord launches low-deposit mortgage for homebuyers – but it's not around for long

Accord has launched a short-lived 10% deposit mortgage deal. But is it any good?

4 November 2020

Low-deposit mortgage deals vanishing – what it means for first-time buyers

Mortgage deals for first-time buyers with a low deposit have been disappearing from the market since the coronavirus pandemic took hold in the UK, new data shows

29 September 2020

Housing developers face enforcement action over leasehold terms

The competition watchdog has launched enforcement action over leasehold concerns and is investigating four leading housing developers after uncovering "troubling evidence" of potentially unfair terms and potential mis-selling

4 September 2020

Regulator proposes 'tailored support' for mortgage holders once payment holidays end

The Financial Conduct Authority has said firms should consider a range of support options – including waiving or reducing payments – under new proposals to help mortgage customers who are still struggling once coronavirus-related payment holidays end on 31 October 2020

26 August 2020

Regulator proposes new rule change to help more mortgage prisoners – but lenders won't have to apply it

The financial regulator has proposed a change to its rules which could make it easier for 10,000s of borrowers in 'closed mortgage books' to switch to a cheaper deal – though it will be up to lenders whether they actually carry out the change

30 July 2020

Transaction tax cut for homebuyers in Scotland and Wales until April

Most homebuyers in Scotland and Wales soon won't pay transaction tax on the first £250,000 of a property's purchase price, under temporary measures announced by the devolved administrations in the wake of the stamp duty cut in England and Northern Ireland last week

14 July 2020