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Families with disabled children set to be allowed to withdraw £2,500 from Child Trust Funds and junior ISAs without the need for court approval

Families with disabled children will be able to withdraw up to £2,500 from Child Trust Funds (CTFs) or junior ISAs without first needing court permission, in a move by the Government to try and reduce the financial burden for parents and guardians with vulnerable kids.

22 November 2021

Neon Reef and Social Energy Supply cease trading – here's what it means for your energy

Neon Reef and Social Energy Supply, which have over 35,000 household customers between them, have become the latest energy providers to cease trading – meaning 19 domestic energy suppliers have gone bust since September.

22 November 2021

Banks to be forced to compensate victims of financial fraud under new Government proposals - here's all you need to know

Victims of authorised push payment (APP) scams could be guaranteed to get refunds from the bank, in plans announced by the Payment Systems Regulator (PSR).

19 November 2021

Northern Ireland's biggest electricity supplier to hike prices by 21%

Northern Ireland's largest electricity supplier Power NI is to increase electricity prices by 21.4%, meaning the typical bill for those on its standard tariff will jump by a massive £131/year

19 November 2021

Martin Lewis: Switch your default Visa credit card on Amazon now and get up to £20 back

Following the shock announcement that Amazon will stop accepting Visa credit cards in January 2022, Martin Lewis explains how you can get up to £20 when changing your default Amazon payment card. The founder also discusses the top cashback and reward credit cards in the latest episode of The Martin Lewis Money Show.

19 November 2021

Families in England could pay £50/yr less for school uniforms from next year

The cost of buying school uniform for children in England will fall from next year, after new statutory guidance was published today (19 November) meaning schools must try to keep prices down and keep branded items to a minimum.

19 November 2021

More than £74 million in Premium Bond prizes sitting unclaimed – how to check if you've won

More than 2 million Premium Bond prizes worth a combined £74 million remain unclaimed, according to the latest figures from NS&I. If you have or have ever had Premium Bonds, here's how to check if you've won.

18 November 2021

DriveScore app launches that rewards good driving with lower car insurance premiums - here's how it works

Motorists may be able to save on their insurance by using a new app that rewards good driving with discounts on car insurance premiums. The 'DriveScore' app, built by credit reference agency ClearScore, can offer double-digit discounts to those who drive carefully. Here's what you need to know.

17 November 2021

Jobseekers urged to apply for FREE travel card giving 50% off train and bus fares

If you're on jobseekers allowance or are job hunting and claiming Universal Credit, you may be entitled to a 50% discount on train and bus travel to help you get back into work under a little discount known scheme.

17 November 2021

Martin Lewis, Sir Richard Branson, Deborah Meaden and other public figures issue plea to the PM to put scam ads in the Online Safety Bill

Fourteen trusted household names, public figures and celebrities have signed an open letter to the Prime Minister calling for paid-for scam advertising to urgently be included in the upcoming Online Safety Bill.

16 November 2021