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Warning. Chip to slash 1.25% savings rate to 0% for thousands AND it'll still make some pay for that privilege – act now

Thousands of savers with app-only provider Chip will see their market-leading easy access rate plummet from 1.25% to 0% next month unless they act. Many will also continue to be charged up to £39/yr for what will become a redundant account for those hoping to earn interest.

16 November 2021

Government stops sending misleading 'save £290 switching energy' notices, after MSE intervenes

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has scrapped envelopes which wrongly advised 10 million people, many of them vulnerable, to switch energy tariff after MSE intervened.

16 November 2021

'Real living wage' rises to £9.90/hr

More than 300,000 workers are due to receive a pay rise as the 'real living wage' has increased from today - and you'll earn £1,000s more each year compared to the Government's legal minimum wage.

15 November 2021

Martin Lewis: Premium Bonds – are they worth it? New analysis

Premium Bonds can beat easy-access accounts if you're saving over £4,000, founder Martin Lewis has revealed.

12 November 2021

Tesco Bank current account holders have until Monday to benefit from switching offers of up to £130 before their accounts are closed

Tesco Bank is closing its current account arm and users have until 11.59pm on Monday 15 November to benefit from cash switching bonuses of up to £130 offered by other providers. The bank will close all of its remaining current accounts on 29 November.

12 November 2021

Ampoweruk, Bluegreen Energy, Omni Energy and Zebra Power cease trading – here's what it means for your gas and electricity

If you're affected, your supply will continue and credit balances are protected. While it's likely you'll pay more now, there are no savings to be had by switching.

12 November 2021

Uber hikes fares in London by up to 25%

Londoners who use app-based taxi service Uber will see fares rise by up to 25% from today for trips around the capital and to the city's major airports.

11 November 2021

Urgent support needed as 2.8m people with mental health problems fall into council tax debt, says charity

Action is needed from the Government and local councils to help support millions of people in council tax arrears.

11 November 2021

Government WRONGLY tells 10 million people to switch energy tariff – many of them vulnerable

In an embarrassing move from the DWP, 10 million people will receive a letter with information encouraging them to switch to a cheaper energy tariff, despite energy prices at a record high and firms going bust left, right and centre.

10 November 2021

Ofgem orders Utility Warehouse to pay £1.5m for failing customers in debt - here's what to do if you are struggling to pay your bills

Energy regulator Ofgem has told Utility Warehouse to pay £1.5m after it failed to support customers who were struggling to pay their bills. This then led some of these customers to find themselves in financially worse situations.

10 November 2021