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Tesco Clubcard holders will no longer be able to double up on money off their mobile phone bill from TOMORROW - so act now

Tesco reward card holders who use Tesco Mobile will no longer be able to double the monetary value of their Clubcard vouchers to use against their phone bills from 15 June - so double-up now while you've still got the chance, but you must be quick.

Tesco Mobile customers with a Clubcard have until 8:59am tomorrow (15 June) to double their Clubcard vouchers in order to get money off their mobile bill, and will then have six months to use them before they expire. 

You can still use your Clubcard vouchers at Tesco Mobile after 15 June but only at the normal rate and so if you exchange a voucher worth 50p, it will get you 50p off your bill rather than £1. 

The move comes after Tesco recently hiked its prices for out-of-bundle calls and texts earlier this year.

Unfortunately, if you aren't happy with the change, you won't be able to cancel your phone contract penalty-free as Tesco says there's no change in the actual contract price.

But if you're out of contract, now might be a good time to shop around. See our Cheap Mobile Tips guide for help saving money on the cost of a new contract or handset.

Or try our Cheap Mobile Finder tool to search 1,000s of deals from more than 40 retailers. If you're happy with your current handset, see our Sim Only guide, or if you're after a new phone, check out our Cheap iPhone and Samsung guides. 

'Very disappointed as its a big part of why we stay with Tesco' has seen several people posting on social media that they are unhappy with the move:

Double up NOW to get the extra savings before 15 June

Until 15 June, you can turn every 50p in vouchers into £1 to use against your Tesco phone bill.

To exchange your vouchers, you'll need to log into your account either online or via the app and choose the amount of Clubcard vouchers you want to exchange for your Reward Partner codes. You should then get an email with your code, or it'll be in the 'My Rewards section' if you placed your order on the app. 

To get money off a new pay monthly phone or pay monthly upgrade, you'll need to choose to pay an upfront payment and then enter your Partner code at the checkout.

To reduce your monthly bill, have your code to hand and then log into your account online on Tesco Mobile, then click on ‘Reduce your bill with Clubcard Partner vouchers’ and follow the instructions.

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