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NatWest customer? Check your account now after tens of thousands charged twice for online payments, leaving many overdrawn 

NatWest customers should check their accounts after a technical glitch has seen more than a hundred thousand people having duplicate payments taken, leaving many overdrawn and liable to fees. Here is all you need to know.

The glitch has impacted more than 112,000 customers, according to NatWest. It isn't clear how the issue started but only those who made payments or purchases using a debit card appear to be affected. Customers of sister bank RBS are not affected. 

NatWest, which has admitted to the technical error, said the issue is now resolved and that no customer will be left out of pocket. Customers, however, continue to report on social media that incorrect payments have yet to be returned.

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Customers reported being thousands of pounds overdrawn

NatWest customers took to Twitter to vent their frustration, with a number saying they had been left thousands of pounds overdrawn. 

NatWest said customers will be refunded automatically but check your bank balance now

Customers do not need to do anything to get their money back. NatWest said those affected will be fully refunded or have their balance corrected automatically.

However, it isn't clear when these refunds will begin or how long it will take. NatWest has said there is no timescale as yet for when money will be returned.

If you haven't been refunded after a few days you should get in touch with NatWest customer services. You can do this by logging into either the NatWest app or online and then clicking the "help" button, or by contacting the bank by phone on 03457 888 444. 

For more information on bank charges and how to get your money back should any more problems occur, see our Bank charges reclaim guide. 

It isn't clear when customers will be refunded

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